Classmates: Willow Palin is a Binge-Drinking, Curfew-Breaking Drug Dealer!

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Willow Palin's homophobic Facebook rant? That was nothing.

According to some narc classmates, Sarah Palin's 16-year-old daughter is an out-of-control party animal who once brokered a drug deal ... at 1 a.m.!

One in the morning! Sarah, do you know where your children are?!

Who is Willow Palin and who is raising her?!

Several former peers of the 16-year-old have gone on record telling Life & Style that Willow "chugged" vodka at a party took part in a "1 a.m. drug deal."

Surprisingly, Tre is not among the narcs quoted by the tabloid.

Lance Nezaticky says he watched Willow Palin take part in a late-night drug deal in a deserted Target parking lot in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

He watched as a male driver pulled up, with Willow riding shotgun. The driver bought $20 worth of marijuana, says Nezaticky, then handed it to Willow.

"It was definitely her," Nezaticky says. "There's no question. I had met her before."

After buying roughly two grams of pot, Willow and her companion drove off. "Willow had been told that the pot was really good stuff," Nezaticky recalls.

Another peer, Matt Scott, shockingly reveals that in October 2009, Willow hid herself away at a party and took swigs straight from a bottle of liquor.

Truly staggering revelations, these.

Imran Chaudhry, who was also at the party, confirms an underage Willow was guzzling vodka: "I saw her drinking from a bottle of Monarch," he says.

"She was chugging it pretty hard."

Hey, what's she gonna do, sip that crap?


who cares aint nothin wrong with gettin drunk and smokin somee weed


WAIT. People actually take Life & Style seriously? Also, can we just stop with the whole conspiracy theory that Bristol Palin gave birth to two children, from different pregnancies, within an eight month time period? It makes about as much sense as Obama being born in Kenya, and it's proponents are just as desparate.


Umm I go to school with Willow she is seriously just like every other teenager I really don't understand why everyone is so rude about her doing things like this because if it was any other teen then nobody would even think anything of it...


hahahahahahahahahahah imran doesn't even know her, he is a friend of a friend of a friend this is bs.


To answer for the person who said that the Bush, Clinton and Carter children were not exposed to this - just remember -- their parents did not put them on a reality show!!!! Once she put them out there and not longer monitored the behavior, all bets are off. If she is so very protective and concerned with her family she should be home with them and quit dragging them into the spotlight with her.


Sounds like a pretty normal teenager to me.
Big deal.
Liberals have become so holier than though.


WELL I see todds hard ass behavior has carried thru the family line.
bristol has just dropped to the bottom of my list for successs on dwts
all theyve had is there mom and dad for examples so its no wonder theyre the way they are. its a wonder somebody hasnt cleaned their plow.
i still thing whatever the babys name is is bristols. i hardly believe that sarah palin would fly from the lower forty eight in labor to deliver in wasilla
its a wonder somebody hasnt knocked todd down a peg or two after his harrasement of mike wooten going aqround telling people not ot hire him.i havent heard of anyone callin todds bluff but its a surprise someone hasnt given him a few lumps
last i heard of mike wooten he had a cush job involving prisoner transportatation in anchorage.
i dont know what to beileve about him but apparently hes employable .
really a 12 foot fence with razor wire should be built around the palins house and locked them in and throw away the key


All the high profile children of politicans are under tight security, they do not have opportunity to get into mischief as perhaps they themselves may like. They are always stories poping up about all the trash these kids get into, but they are just tall tales comeing out from the rumor mills of the imagination.


I don't know what some of ya'll did when ya'll were 16, but I definitely didn't do this type of stuff and I think it's ridiculous that people are defending this behavior. I don't know if it's true or not but if it is, why are people acting like this is ok??? What has this world turned into???


Monarch? Come on, who actually drinks that garbage if they aren't homeless or desperate?

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