Tre From Facebook: Willow Palin is Totally Homophobic; Apology Not Accepted!

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Tre, the Alaskan dude who Willow Palin called a f*gg*t on Facebook this week, does NOT accept her sister Bristol's apology, thankyouverymuch.

He says Willow Palin, who lashed out at him for mocking her mom's TLC show, uses such language so often, she may very well be a homophobe.

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Tre tells TMZ that he's not gay, but feels offended and bullied, given that "Willow called me a f**got in front of the whole world and my family."

What would Sarah Palin have to say about Willow's vocabulary?

Asked if he felt it was a homophobic rant, Tre replied that he thinks so, seeing as "She says 'queer' and 'gay' so much ... so probably ... maybe."

Although Bristol issued a public apology via Facebook on behalf of her and Willow, Tre says he's yet to hear from either one of them personally.

Does he accept Bristol's apology? "No way ... Maybe if it was sincere from them straight to me, I would consider. But it would have to be direct."

"People say these are baby grizzlies defending Mama Bear ... but how is she defending her family by calling us queers and low-lifes and f**gots?"

Fair question. Here's another: Is Willow Palin homophobic?


I agree with 'whatnow'. HE instigated the whole ordeal. And can all of you really say your children have never said anything like that?! This is a different day and time. I guarantee you don't know everything your child says/picks up in schools these days. "Those who criticize this generation forget who raised it".


This entire family is trash, every chance they get, they prove it! I think Sarah Palin needs to worry about raising her kids rather than searching for fame. She has one kid with a kid and another with a mouth that should be washed out with soap, what kind of fmaily does she really have? I think it is clear to see it is not what she would like us to think it is. Trash trash trash is all I can say.


I sincerely believe that this conduct is probably pretty standard behind closed doors.I think Palins new book is going to come back and bite.Instead of running all over the country promoting her agenda maybe she should stay home and put her family first.This is a seriously disfuncitional family.


In response to "D"s comment. I recognize your type. You're one of "those kind" that hates Black people and that's the real reason you trash President Obama. You're one of those cowards void of "real" depth and real "realness" period who cowers in the corner in public when Mexican and Black people recognize that you're trash. President Obama's dog's watery buggars have more backbone then your kind. Your kind are worthless and that's why you can't stand "real", "enlightened" people with depth, character, personality, and courage like President Obama. "D" your kind belong under Sarah Palin's tampon, the one that's been sitting in the garbage along with the used band-aids, snot tissue, and shreaded dental floss. I would have said Oprah's tampon but your kind don't deserve that honor. Tea Baggers and Palinites, please, what a joke. What a bunch of dinasours.


Who cares what she says.
Obama is slashing aids funding compared to GW.
Pro-Obama Blacks pushed the California Gay marriage ban over the finish line.
The Dems are going to increase taxes (a huge hit on the gay community since its the richest demographic).
And we're hating on a teenage girl who uses a word that 99% of Americans have used in their lives, be it gay or straight.
Wake up, Smarten up and realize that little (r) republicanism is the way to true happiness.
-Queen B


Didn't Levi Johnson say that Sarah Palin referred to her own down syndrome son as a "retard" or some derogatory term behind closed doors? No wonder her daughter thinks it's normal to make hateful discriminatory remarks. Family Values? Whatever, Moose murderers. BTW, anyone who "claims" to be gay and not offended by Willows homophobic remark is just a nasty straight Tea Bagger or a Palin supporter hiding behind a fake gay profile. Palinites and Tea Baggers are gross. They probably eat their own young.


willow palin, you're the f*ggot. you're just a teenage girl who obviously have too much confidence over yourself. you look like another sarah palin waiting to happen. but i guess you just wanted the same attention your mom and sister are getting. poor girl. THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE WITHOUT THE PALINS. so why don't they go bury themselves in alaska or something.


Im gay and I am NOT offended by the word Faggot!!! Get the F*CK over yourselves people!!!!!!!!


i am so fucking tired of the pi;ian i wish they go away i wish sara's daughter bristol would get off the damn dwts


I remember when Sarah Palin defended Dr. Laura for using the "N" word 9 times in two minutes to a black caller. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not only are they bigots, they're petty, vindictive and mean-spirited people. I can only imagine the type of people who admire this nasty backwards family.

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