Christina Aguilera: Dating Benji Madden and/or Matthew D. Rutler

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Following her divorce from Jordan Bratman, it's safe to say that Christina Aguilera is the most sought after new bachelorette in Hollywood. And it sounds like she's taking full advantage of that status!

An insider tells Hollywood Life that Aguilera has been carrying on a mostly physical relationship with Benji Madden: "It’s a sex thing. They get along really well," the source claims. "Christina likes the pace it is going and does not want anything to ruin that."

Madden, of course, has dated both Paris Hilton and Holly Madison, so we're just saying... be careful down there, Christina.

People magazine, meanwhile, reports the singer has been "quietly seeing" Matthew D. Rutler for awhile now. He worked as a set assistant on the movie Burlesque. (Watch a clip of Aguilera in that upcoming film HERE!)

Christina and Rutler reportely enjoyed a double date with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden at SoHo House in Los Angeles on Friday.

"It's not serious yet, but it's something she is exploring and finding comfort in," a friend says of Rutler. "It's new and she’s taking it day by day. She and Jordan were having problems for a long time. What kept them together is their love for their son. She met [Matthew] on set and, during a difficult time, leaned on as a friend. After she and Jordan separated, the friendship turned romantic."

Hmmm... Joel might not wanna share details of this date with his brother.


I second that Blaize! I completely agree with you. Anyone who says she can't sing is obviously on crack. Cause that girl can sing! And she definetly isn't a whore for divorcing someone and hooking up with someone else. Jordan and Christina are the only ones who knew what was going on within their relationship. Isn't it better to divorce someone if yall aren't happy instead of staying with them and being miserable and ending up only making things harder and more heartbreaking in the end? She's a young, beautiful, extremely talented woman who is strongminded and just living life. To knock her for that is really immature and judgemental. Maybe instead of downing others you should take a look at your own life. So thanks Blaize for seeing her for who she really is!


@Paulo: what are you, one of Jordan's bitter, rumor-spreading dumbass friends? Divorcing your husband doesn't make a woman a whore and neither does dating somebody else afterward. You jump to a lot of conclusions when you don't even know everything that went on in the marriage or divorce.


Stupid bitch. Jordan was there for her in her time of need & now she skanks out?!? Whore!


Fuck that bitch.She's ugly and looks like a hags cackling witch with a huge nose but painted over with makeup and blonde hair,and can't sing,especially now.The bitch has got a frog in her throat or somethin.Benji u jus got put on my shit list if this is true.


@xxbeetlejuicexx: She's not trahy. She's a confident, inspiring artist who is not afraid to express her self freely. Pop stars with her talent are hard to come by these days. If you can't handle her strength and edgy-ness, then that's too bad for you. Let's see how many grammys YOU'VE won, what artists YOU'VE collaborated with, what contributions YOU'VE made to society, how well YOU can sing, hmm? That's what I thought. See, most of Christina Aguilera's critics don't have the talent or anything else to compete with her.


She's really trashy, but I didn't expect anymore more from her.

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