Bristol Palin Should've Won Dancing With the Stars!

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LOL. No, we don't really believe the above headline.

Jennifer Grey is as worthy a Dancing With the Stars champion as they come. But Bristol Palin, for all that was said about her, got kind of a bad rap.

Her third-place finish was, in the opinion of many pundits and Palin haters, waaay too high. But was it actually just about right ... or not high enough?

Third-Place Finishers

America's collective reaction to Bristol's DWTS run.

We've talked at length about why she should have gone home sooner, but now, let's give the girl her due. Here's a list of reasons Bristol deserved to win it ...

  1. She improved A LOT this fall, and Jennifer Grey? Kind of a ringer.
  2. Brandy and Audrina fans could've stepped up too, and did not.
  3. She wasn't a complete stiff. Seriously. She's no Kate Gosselin.
  4. Her scores never led the pack, but were always competitive.
  5. She's not Sarah Palin, and isn't worthy of that kind of vitriol.
  6. Thanks in part to Bristol, Willow Palin went off on Facebook.
Caged Bristol
Oh, The Passion
Ballas and Palin
Mark Ballas, Bristol Palin Pic

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    Good grief...anyone with common sense knows that Bristol should never have been on DWTS....She is NOT a star....she is NOT a dancer.....she is a royal pain in the a-- as is her this mother, like daughter. The real winner from day one was Jennifer...from the first night she stepped on the floor.....and I am glad she won......also, Tony and Audrina left way too soon...especially when Bristol won over Tony and Audrina. Bad choice !!!! And as for Brandy, she too was far better than Bristol. All the Palin's need to go back to and stay in AH-LAS-KA......they can be stars up there !!!!


    dancing with the stars is fake and setup. I did watch the show ,but now I won't. Why are all the judges white how can it be fair. Stupid show I hate it now and will never watch it again. The shows producers tried to clean up the mistake but the truth is out now dancing with stars is fake. Bristol can never beat brandy dancing. Brandy you go girl!!!!


    You people need to get over it!!! They tell you to vote for your favorite. Bristol had as much right to be there as anyone else. Predjustice is just as bad one way as it is another. Get a life.


    There is no way Bristol Palin should have been in the top 3! That was Brandy's spot for the taking. I'm very upset with Brandy's fans that they obviously didn't vote or she would have been in the final 3! Brandy is a fabulous dancer. Her dancing is head and shoulders above Bristol's dancing. Bristol still dances like a stick. The expression on her face didn't change from one minute to the next. She never adopted the character of the dance she was performing. If Bristol had somehow managed to win, I would have screamed from the housetops that the fix was in. I'm wondering if she wasn't chosen for the show just because of her mom. That decided it for me the moment she was announced on the show! I dislike her mother a lot, so that's why she never got one of my votes! I really hope the DWTS producers don't intend to have Sarah's husband on season 12's show. If so, you can be sure that I won't vote for him either, simply because he's Sarah's husband! Again, Brandy, you got shafted!!


    I only watched DWTS to see Bristol I thought she did a GREAT job and was hoping she would win it she was the most improved on the whole show and I voted for her each time why don't all you perfect people out there ever bad mouth the moron that fathered her child???? you know it did take two at least she is trying to raise the child make a living give it a life what are all of you doing????


    What amazed me was that even after stumbling 2 times and having a lift in their final dance Jennifer and Derrick got not one not two but three, count them 10's. Wonder what would have happened if Kyle or Bristol's last dance had had a lift. I'm jus saying.....


    I think Jennifer Grey overdid it with using so many references to Dirty Dancing. Final performance was like she redid her character "Baby". I really did not want to like Bristol Palin I really dislike her mother. But I have to say she really won me over with her ability to overcome all of the negativity that was thrown at her. And she really was the most improved from week 1. All of these people that are making such nasty comments about her just don't like her mother. Why take out your dislike for a person on thier kids?!?! How you feel if you or your kids were treated like that!! Try not being a bully & think before you speak or write nasty comments about a person wether you know them or not.


    Go Bristol!!!! You deserve to be in top three.This is suppose to be a dance show but the comments are ridiculous . You have such a beautiful face but they seem to be blind. Oh HATERS be fair. She was the most improved if you're only honest to your effing self!!!!!!!


    Bristol Palin was a complete eyesore and I found her to be as graceful as a 1960 chevy. Everyone knows that her mom's political background had a lot to do with her even being their as long as she was. I found it hard to watch her, she was a complete klunk, sorry Bristol but don't give up your day job. Because you will never, never make it as a dancer. She is the only person I know whom didn't appear to have lost a pound, she looked so awkward and dumpy, especially around the middle. If everything went according to plan, she would have been off before the Situation or right after. I'm just grateful that the entire mess is done. I am no longer a DWTS watcher, because it's just not right, unless they change the voting to the judges carrying the most weight (then it just not worth watching), why raise your blood pressure over something you can't control. I believe Jennifer Grey won farely.

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