Sigh: Lindsay Lohan Trying to Shorten Probation

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Lindsay Lohan is angling to shorten her probation period, which currently runs until August 2011, in hopes that will help her stay out of further trouble.

Of course, all you have to do is stay out of legal trouble in the first place and being on probation isn't a problem. But we're talking about Lindsay Lohan.

The troubled star's legal team is hoping for an early end to her probation period due to the "increased chances that she will get in trouble" during it.

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Her lawyers acknowledge they are seeking the change "because of problems staying compliant with the terms." So why would Judge Elden Fox agree?

Some reasons would include: "Lindsay remaining in rehab for a longer period of time” or “attending alcohol education classes,” according to a source.

Lindsay is currently undergoing treatment at Betty Ford in Palm Springs, and will remain in rehab until further notice as she battles her drug addictions.

The source stressed that Lohan will comply with whatever the judge decides, but "a strong push being made for Lindsay's probation to terminate early."

"It's important to remember that Lindsay is on probation for misdemeanor charges relating to her two DUI's back in 2007," the insider added, truthfully.

Lohan's next hearing in front of Judge Fox is on October 22, at which point she could be thrown in jail, at which point she'd likely just be released again.

"Lindsay's attorney is going to admit to the violation of the drug test" at that hearing, the source says. "There isn't going to be a need for a formal probation violation hearing because Shawn Chapman Holley isn't going to fight the results."

"It will be up to Judge Fox if Lindsay is required to attend the hearing, but if ordered to appear, she will be there,” the source continued. “Lindsay will still be in rehab at the time of the hearing, and she might not have to be there."

"Even if Lindsay is sentenced to 30 days in jail for the failed drug tests, she will get credit for one day served when Judge Fox remanded her to jail at the last hearing. With jail overcrowding, she would likely be [out] in less than four hours."

Before that hearing, Fox will be "receiving a detailed report from Lindsay's treatment team at Betty Ford.” We'll see what he has to say based on that.

Too bad he can't sentence Dina Lohan. That's all we have to say.

What do you think? Can she stay clean this time?


i know why she needs to get out there and party and do drugs she needs to stay in and dry up and go back to work


Namaste, So she is finally admiting that she is a trainwreck who is fucking up her life? Waaaah. That's very rare in Hollywood Babylon. Or is she dodging the bullet over and over again?
But no matter what. There is always something else stupid where she can get her self in to. She is still young. She has her hole life to live through. I wonder what the next screw up is going to be. Don't be suprised if she gets out of jail or rehab even more wasted. She is lost. Without a strong family and a healthy vieuw of life it is very hard to survive in sin city land. Kind of sad actualy. Ohm shanti.


Obviously she's going to kick back. The authorities need to be firm with her. She can chill out for a year.


LMAOLOL! THIS is the dumbest request I have ever heard. EVER HEARD!


So because she can't stay out of trouble she should get a break? Are you kidding us? Yes, it's important to remember if she's followed the terms of the original probation she might have had all this behind her by now. Why should she get so many breaks for breaking the law? She went to rehab because her back was against the wall and there was nothing left for her to do but go so she wouldn't fail another drug test. Her team sound like morons every time they open their mouths and the Judge is looking like a fool to believe them.


yes ,she learned that is better to go directly to the jail instead to accept a neverending probation with high uncertainity.


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