Cops: We Warned Dina Lohan About Lindsay ... Seven YEARS Ago!

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Yeah, so Dina Lohan is pretty much the worst parent ever.

Michael Lohan tried to instill this in our minds yesterday, and while MiLo's no prize himself, there's no getting around the fact that Dina was warned by local law enforcement that Lindsay Lohan was out of control ... SEVEN YEARS AGO.


Back then, just like now, mama enabler did nothing.

MEAL TICKETS: That's all Dina's kids are in her mind.

Back in 2003, Lindsay was 17. L.A. law enforcement officials became aware that the teenage actress had a stalker. The threat was so serious that an investigator was assigned to follow LiLo around to protect her and bust the stalker.

At that point, the investigator became alarmed when he saw Lindsay clubbing all over town, which made the investigator fear she was drinking and driving.

Law enforcement contacted Dina to give her the heads-up. If only they knew how useless that was, since all White Oprah cares about is money and fame.

Dina wasn't answering her phone, so voicemail messages were left warning her of Lindsay's Hollywood antics. Dina never called back ... not even once.

A source close to Dina tells TMZ, “If law enforcement was so worried about Lindsay’s safety, why didn’t they send someone to Dina’s home to inform her?”

Totally the cops' fault. They should have driven all over town to find an absentee mother who won't return phone calls about her daughter being stalked.

You can believe what you want and spin your revisionist history until you're blue in the face, D, but you suck. Grow a pair and take some responsibility.

If you weren't constantly making excuses and enabling your kid, maybe she wouldn't spend every other week in rehab and/or jail. Just food for thought.

Pathetic waste of space.


I agree. She's a piss poor mom.


"A source close to Dina tells TMZ, “If law enforcement was so worried about Lindsay’s safety, why didn’t they send someone to Dina’s home to inform her?� She's joking right. Who does Dina think she is, Queen Elizabeth??? I feel sorry for any child who grew up in the home of Dina the Diva and Mike the Abuser Lohan. I truly do. And I feel they won't learn their lesson until Lindsay takes her life. God bless. RB


Mary, I agree. You can tell Dina is like a teen trapped in an adults body. She tries so hard to look and act young, it's ridiculous. Unless you are ready to put your kids first and worry about your wants second, you'll never be a good parent. She just seems to be living out her desire to stay youthful and have fun through her kids.


Cindylu you're a moron too! These poor excuse for human beings put themselves in the spotlight for all to see and then when they suddenly screw up they want all the cameras turned off and for no one to even discuss it. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Anyway, it's not like the Lohan's have attempted to keep these problems private - they play it out in front of the whole world for everyone to see, then they don't understand why everyone in the free world thinks they are huge morons.


Why does anyone even care...but out and leave them alone already. Some privacy to get better might be helpful. It's hard to hurt publicly!


sick of looking at this trailer trash family.


You all need to ask someone from NY about this. If you go to Merrick or Massapequa, drive down Merrick Road or Sunrise Highway on any given Friday or Saturday night,walk into any bar or local dance or strip club, and you will find a scores of Lindsay and/or Dina Lohans. Trust's nothing unusual to see these drunken Irish broads, falling down drunk and going home with the local Micks or Guidos. It's what they do - DRINK/FIGHT/PASS OUT - in that order! Write about something interesting for a change.

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