Roberto Alomar's Wife Says He's HIV Positive, Had Unprotected Sex With Her Anyway

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As THG sees it, there's only one thing weirder than a former MLB star being sued for having unprotected sex with a woman while not disclosing he's HIV-positive.

That would be a second woman making the same allegation.

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Roberto Alomar's wife, Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar, has accused the baseball great of just that in divorce papers. The couple is estranged as of earlier this year.

Maria Del Pilar Rivera Alomar is not pleased with Roberto.

The New York Post reports that Mrs. Alomar, who goes by Maripily, alleges Roberto "knew prior to his first sexual contact with (her) that he was HIV-positive."

The lawsuit comes two years after Roberto's former girlfriend, Ilya Dall, accusing him of the same thing in a $15 million lawsuit, which was later dropped.

Oddly, Alomar's then-girlfriend, Rivera, described Dall's lawsuit as "a vile lie."

At some point since then, she apparently changed her stance on that topic.


Well....blow me over with a feather. Did this one NOT think to ask her then b.f. to be tested? No? WOW, and now she gets to live with the knowledge he's a real slime, and quite possibly a killer. Doesn't get any better than that now does it? Quite a lesson to be learned here ladies ... first, don't "assume"; second, think enough of yourself to require others to do the same. No ifs, ands or buts, if one gets offended at your stance, it's simple, they hit the road. This just isn't funny.

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