Malaysian Political Party Denounces Adam Lambert Concert as "Outrageous," Plans Protest

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In July of last year, Adam Lambert faced a picket from hate-minded members of the Westboro Baptish Church, as they protested his participation in the American Idol Live tour with sick signs and ignorant messages.

Now, the singer is entering into another sad firestorm.

Adam's New Hair

Lambert is scheduled to perform in Malaysia on Thursday, but that nation's second largest political party is demanding the cancellation of the concert due to the artist's ties to "gay culture."

"Adam Lambert's shows... are outrageous, with lewd dancing and a gay performance that includes kissing male dancers," Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) youth leader Nasrudin Hasan told Reuters. "This is not good for people in our country."

In Malaysia, homosexual sex is considered a criminal offense.

There's no indication from Adam that he'll skip the tour date. Despite his agreeance to follow guidelines in the country - singers must keep their clothes on and remain at least 25 feet from the audience at all times - PAS claims it will send one million supporters to protest Lambert if the concert goes on as planned.

If this does go down, it wouldn't be the first time PAS has protested an American artist. Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani have all faced the group's wrath.

Here's to hoping Adam stays strong in the face of such hate. Send him your best wishes, fans. He'll need them this week.


So, the concert was great, Adam respected their culture. and yet this media outlet does NOT write about the POSITIVE over 10,000 happy fans at this typical..only the negative and controversial topics are put to print. Give this guy a break.


Adam sang to 16,000 screaming, singing & dancing Malaysian fans tonight!! The crowd went crazy for him and there were only 200 protesters outside. GO ADAM!! GO MALAYSIA!!!!


no matter where he sings..he sings! and nobody does it better!


After reading some of the other posts here I felt it necessary to repost. Freedom of speech is one thing, stifling another's way of living, thoughts, religion, sexuality, etc. however, is another thing all together. Speak your disapproval if you like but you cannot stop another person from being who they are just as much as they cannot stop you from being you.


I have full faith that Adam is one super strong individual and is super stubborn to boot as am I and is not likely to back down from a bunch of homophobic pussy's. We 'ALL' need to back Adam and crew with tons of support, love and lots of positive energy. Go get 'em Adam!!


adam gotta go through another tough time again


Who's Adam Lambert?


adam will be fine, he has a big support from other races (indians and chinese especially) and not all malays are narrow minded.


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Adam, Shining stars burn bright and sometimes blind those who will not see. You'll not convince those who are determined to malign you, so don't try. Just keep going and your fans will be your reward for your faith in them. And don't forget their faith in you. I know one bad comment seems like it outweighs a dozen good ones, but try to see the real ratio here. I just can't stand the thought of their ignorance pulling your love and power from you. Sending love. Stay safe. Kathy


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