Lady Gaga: Gray-Haired and Gorgeous?

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She's showed us this aged, refined look once before on her recent Vanity Fair cover, but pop star and fashion icon Lady Gaga apparently decided to run it back.

The singer showed off her gray locks once again as she deaprted the Landmark Hotel this weekend in London, England. What do you think? Can she pull it off?

Check out the Lady Gaga pictures below and see ...

L to the G ... aga
Gray Haired Gaga

Do you like Lady Gaga's gray hair?


I lost count on the number of girls i wanetd to comment on. All these women look bloody fantastic. I love a woman with random colours in their hair. Yay for this post.


I love the silver ! she looks great in it. and everyone should keep their natural "born this way" matter what color it turns, it is YOURS.! and all that hair color and dyes are cancer causing.!! stop dyeing, and stop dying !!!!!!!!


She looks awesome. Lady GaGa is the best from all the world. And wt ever she weare she look's great!!! I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA YOUR LIL. MONSTER THAT FOLLOW YOU. KEEP GOING THAT WAY.!!!


Not at all but it is lady gaga... Not unexpected... Look at her sunglasses

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