Charlie Sheen on Lindsay Lohan: Leave Her Alone!

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Charlie Sheen knows how difficult it is to keep his ass out of an orange jumpsuit fight one's partner addiction problems under intense public scrutiny.

As such, he's offering advice to the rehabbing Lindsay Lohan.

“I think that she is doing the best that she can,” Charlie told Access Hollywood of the oft-jailed train wreck, adding that “It is not easy to begin with, but when you put her under the bright lights of this circus, it makes it that much more difficult.”

Fight On Charlie!
Checkered Past

Chuck to Lindsay: Fight on! Blame fame!

The man behind so many borderline funny Two and a Half Men quotes feels its really important that the public and media give Lindsay some space to recover.

“People just need to leave her alone and let her do her thing,” the actor said, offering his full support. “And, you know, at the end of the day she’ll win.”

Will she, though? You tell us if she can stay clean ...


leave her alone assholes


Sober or not I'd sure like to suck her asshole.


Recovery isn't something you learn and then say :"I know it now" it's a lifetime of forever changing, self exploration, casting out our character defects that caused us & others trouble. Getting honest with ourselves & others. It's a constant! I see personalities bloom in recovery everyday, & some of us simply take awhile to get out of the shoots! """"Live & let live"


sence lindsye has tried everthing why not try God WATCH joyce meyers on direct tv on 367.he is all she needs.drugs,boos,sex,will notdo anything but hurt you.GOD will save you,because he loves you,hnow matter what you have done.

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