Bogus Angelina Jolie Gossip of the Week: Brad Pitt Bangs Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike!

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You gotta love Angelina Jolie gossip. It never ceases, and the extent to which tabloids will invent nonsense continues to reach new depths as the years go by.

Case in point: New Idea. That's apparently a magazine, and aptly-named, 'cause this definitely is a new twist. Brad Pitt didn't just nail Jennifer Aniston this time.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Again!

He was caught with a Jen look-alike! The horror!

ANGE'S FURY: We bet it was absolutely insane. And fake.

We know Angelina gets stabbed in the back 2-3 times a week, but this is nuts. How many more affairs with Aniston or Aniston doppelgangers can she tolerate?

Every time she turns around, Brad's plotting with his ex-wife to ruin Angelina's life. When he's not joining the mile high club, of course. What a player. And a d!ck.

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Brad knws he lost the best thing in lyf, he just cn't say it coz angelina iz the man of the house. Brad says will u marry me angelina says nt yet she knws hollywood wil hook her up wit another hottie end of the road 4 brad mark my words.


I don't care what anyone says, and this has nothing to do with Aniston! Brad and Angelina's thing will not last, kids or no kids.
A relationship started with adultery will not last! and the uncalled for cruel words from Agelina toward Jennifer was really a show of who Angelina really is. I agree that it will come back to bite her in the ass! It will! Angelina is no exception to the rule! No one is! everyone knows that this is a fact! This has nothing to do with Jennifer, it"s the law of life! That's just the way it is, so prepare yourself JOLIE&Brad!


I can't believe how many people take this seriously. This is like "pro" wrestling... it's fake. Now I doubt Brad, Angelina, and Jen (I love how everyone is on a first name basis with these people that none of us has or ever will meet) are in on it but the mags already have storyline concocted and now all they need are pics that can be manipulated to tell that story. It also shows another example of what a double-edged sword technology is. Photography and film (and now digital data storage and transfer) has allow for unprecedented record keeping and communication. Unfortunately, due to its extremely visual nature many of us consider Brad, Angelina, and Jen to be the pinnacle of what our gene pool has to offer (wonder what those Brandelina kids will grow up to look like!). Could a gawky looking Abe Lincoln even hope to get elected in our world?


That picture is of Brad on set with an actress who plays his wife in Moneyball. Jolie and the kids were on the set. Doubt Brad felt the desire to cheat. Such fiction.. how do they dare call themselves journalists?


Is Brad some toy that is easy to steal or big grown ass man with his own mind and feelings...Brad is always left out on this circus and Angelina has to be the only one to blame. people wake up and stop pointing ur fingers only on Angie's side, I love Angie...home wrecker or not


jst leave jen out of it. its like everytime joile does smethng yous all jst blame her am a fan of all of them nj it jst stickens me dat everytime she does smethng u automatly blame jen its not her fault!!!!!!plz leave her out of it x


you guys are crazy in this country.
has it ever occured to you idiots that angelina jolie is a whore, that stole jens husband.
she knew brad the dunce was married, and she opened up her legs with her crazy sex, and stole him away from jen.
any woman in their right mind who supports angelina needs their head examined.
so bloody what they have all this little bastards conceived out of wedlock.
pity brad will soon leave angelina, because brad was not hers to start with.


I've just realized that if I comment every time someone says something nasty about Angelina or Brad or their kids I will be on my computer so many hours a day I would never get anything done!! it just makes me so angry that people can be so mean. And then there are the people who believe someday, Brad will go back to Jennifer..they are not living in the real world. Brad could easily have stayed with Jennifer when he left her. He obviously was over her. He is with Angelina for better or for worse, and it should be obvious that he loves Angelina and their lives together and with their kids. I'm not sure what makes people want to break up a relationship that works, and also that involves 6 kids. Now that would be cruel.


I wish it was true. How she got Brad is how she will lose him....sorry! Karma is a b**** aint it.


I dont care who is doin who. I want to hear about the ones like are parents the kind of love that actually lasts but then its the stars, hollywood that doesnt happen cause everyone is doin everyone nothing is real in that life. Wheres the ones that will stand up and say enough I want this and this is what im fighting for cause its the right thing to do.

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