Angelina Jolie: Stabbed in the Back as Usual!

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Angelina Jolie is having a rough go of it ... from like 2005-present.

Not only has Brad Pitt been wooing Jennifer Aniston (for months if not years, according to InTouch and its ilk), but now his mom is getting in on the diabolical plan to tear Brangelina apart! That's right, Jane Pitt is totally on Team Jen!

Stabbed in the Back For the 193rd Time

This reputable source claims the elder Pitt is spilling Angie's secrets to Jen, and that Jolie is publicly trashing Aniston and using Brad to "get even."

"Jane still thinks of Jen as a daughter," says a pal. "She knows Angelina isn't happy about it, but that doesn't stop her from keeping Jen in her life."

To Angelina, the friendship is a slap in the face. Angelina feels she - not Jen - should take precedence with his parents. Blaming Brad's ex even more than his mother, Angelina is intent on sending Jennifer Aniston a clear message:

Keep away from my family.

According to the friend, the main reason she took the twins to Eastern Europe was to upset Jane. Furious with her ongoing friendship with Jen, and feeling increasingly blackballed by her own family, Angelina wanted to send a message.

"Angie strongly thinks that the past is the past, and Jennifer and Jane should let each other go because their friendship is just disrespectful."

"Angie had been complaining to Brad that it's weird for his mom to talk to his ex-wife, but Brad just brushed it off," which Jolie didn't care for, and as a result, "she decided she didn't want Jane watching over the twins."

She's been sending that message loud and clear.

It's making it hard for Jane, who "cherishes her friendship with Jennifer," and has known her for 10 years. "They care about each other," the friend says. "Jane has never kept it a secret. She doesn't see why she has to cut off that connection."

Brad tends to agree with his mother, further rankling Angelina: "He thinks Jane is a grown woman and she should be able to do what she wants."

Hilarious, almost certainly untrue stuff right there. But can you really blame Jane? Angelina thinks Brad's dumb and boring in bed. B!tch please.

Just for fun, here's a look at some of the recent Angelina Jolie tabloid covers from THE PAST MONTH ALONE (click to enlarge for further hilarity):

Bored with Brad
The Truth!!!!
Mental Hospital Style
Tearing Them Apart!

I hope jennifer never remarries. I hope she does her sad interviews forever. Talking about HER life and HER marriage and HER husband. Angie is the one who barged in to JENNIFERS life. Angie deserves all the hatred she gets. Jennifer did NOTHING TO NOONE but has taken all the punishment. Scratch that..... Brad has taken his share of punishment too. But he deserves what he gets. Jennifer doesnt. I bet when angelina is screaming at him about thanksgiving and ripping the turkey out of his mouth...... He looks at the bulging vein in her neck and cant believe what he has done to his life. He traded a bentley for a rental car. Its nice to see that brad pitt is not perfect and ruined his life for a piece of crazy. Before all this is over i have a feeling someone in the family will die at the hands of another family member.angie is gonna shoot brad. Or zahara is gonna push shiloh out a window. I see big things happening in the future and none of it good.


To set the record staight Jen did want kids and they were preparing to start a family when Angelina came into the picture this is from Jens mouth


Good for you Sassy1 I am in agreement with you all the way. Jane you need to accept Angie as a daughter and Jen not at all. She is no longer in the family and Angie has given you Grandchilren and they do not need to know that you do not like or accept their mother. How awful that would make things. Kids can sense these things you know. Shame on you for keeping Jen in the fix. If my parents had done this with my ex I would not have forgiven them, but they accepted my new Husband and we all were very happy. They are now gone but I loved them more for loving my new husband. I pray for Brangelina and the kids and now for Jane.

Faith maguire

First of all Jolie was sleeping with a married man. Oh what a shock!! Every man she's been involved with or married to was married at the time they were sleeping together. She is a homewrecker and intensely jealous of Jennifer. Jolie is a fake and puts on a front for the cameras when it comes to the family life. Jane, keep seeing Jennifer. She was the innocent VICTIM in Jolies little game while filming with Pitt. Can't stand the woman!!!


Jane Pitt should not talk about Angelina Jolie, not because AJ is a nice person, but because she's the Mother of her Grandkids .I can understand her friendship with Jennifer, but it should be kept out of the magazines.She should not keep hoping that Brad and Jen will get back together because what he did was so hurtful and disgusting!!!Another man who can't keep it in his pants.I blame Angie but I blame him more because he was married.And jennifer, stay away from john Mayer...there are so many good guys around...look for them!!!!!


Jane Pitt does not owe Angelina anything. Why would she kick Jen to the curb? No doubt Ms Jolie showed her true colors and Mama Pitt aint having it.


You Idiot,
Untill now you can't understand? brad want Kids to call it family. Jennifer Aniston Dont want Kids at all. She always wanted to be the kids of Brad pit and Jane pit the mother.
You Jane, mother of Brad stop acting stupid, you are dumn and dont have Brain at all. you love that Selfish jennifer more than Brad children?.... better go to hell...Are you not happy having those grand children??????
You Jennifer, wake up and tidy up your bed,Never think Brad is going back to you, because he will never get you back.
Stop going back to Jhon Mayer, he is not handsome at all, Not even a little look. Dont act like a dog, that vamit or pooh then
start eating what he throw-up.
Find a man who is decent, smart, clean, matured. I know you can find a better one, I will pray for you.
Stop disturbing Angie, She have a lot of help to do.


Brad's mother is jumping into the wrong fire. She needs to
keep her nose out of it after all Angelina is the mother of her
grandkids----and will always be. She needs to be supportive of her son and let go of the past. Jennifer needs to get a life.
She needs to pull out of the limelight and straighten her head
out. She talks baby ever since Brad left, no baby, can't get a
man, all her movies are flops. She's not the one to be
opening her lying mouth. It shows her lack of pride.


You can also tell Jennifer's character by the company she keeps. Sorry, but John Mayer or whatever his name is, is a sleaze..was it the Playboy release..we learned what a foul mouthed creep he is!


Sandy, it is disrespectful to keep in touch with the how long were he and Anniston married..not even 10 years.

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