Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: Reunited and it Feels So Revolting

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Newly clean-shaven and with a new outlook on life, a fresh-faced Spencer Pratt spent a quiet day at the beach yesterday with his adoring wife, Heidi Montag.

And their favorite photographer, of course. Never leave home without him.

The couple appeared to be relaxed, in love and totally natural in how they frolicked at the edge of the sea in Malibu. It's enough to bring a tear to your eye:

Floatation Device

Spencer Pratt deeply loves his wife. And knows he'll be safe from any rip currents if he holds onto those flotation devices. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Following their separation, filing for divorce, exile in Costa Rica and sex tape drama, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are back together and in good spirits. Faking all that drama can be stressful, but they weathered the storm. It's inspirational.

Click to enlarge more Speidi pics, if you can stomach them:

Awww Like Old Times
The Great Speidi Return
Reconciled Couple
Back on the Beach
Romance at its Best
Speidi Gets Wet

You people are so cruel. Seriously. Unless you were there behind the scenes seeing what really happened, consider yourselfs naive, petty and downright ignorant. It's entertainment. THAT'S IT! Let them live their lives and go get one yourself. Must be nice to be so perfect. Team MANKIND.


why do you waste time talking about those two whores?heidi is an ugly bleached slut who is trying so hard to be pretty to the point of faking every part of her body. does she have anything natural?and spencer, shame on you.be like a man and work for your living insted of publisizing your fucking to the world. frankly, i dont think you are good even at that. and heidi, go work in a brothel, only the drunk will find you attractive


I think those two now are so disgusting and pathetic...I cannot believe their whole divorce crap was a stunt just for publicity for whatever reason. Don't waste peoples tome if what you were doing was just a joke...those two immature douches. Why file for divorce if you won't go through with it? I really wish she would wake up and realize Spenser will never change...he's lying to her about his being a changed guy, I wish she could see that. Heidi honey, dump him for good, you need a more mature less cllingy. And a guy who doesn't call you at work every day and on your cell if you're out with friends...he's so possessive! That's all I want to say about those two people.


what a waste of space , those two are media whores, they will do anything to get their names in print. neither one of them have any talent , she looks like a blow up doll , fake, and he looks and acts like an idiot. if noone wold write about them , the may go away , one would hope so. they aren,t worth anyone time or the paper they take to write about. what a waste of human life.


I like the Speidi's! I'm sooo tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian!


I just threw up a little bit....


Spencer is starting to look a lot like Richard Simmons.... there's a resemblance lmao, just sayin.


Of course they are. It was all for publicity. Im so sick of them.

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