Stunner: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Not Really Divorcing, Lived Together All Summer

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Despite filing divorce papers and taking a (relative) hiatus from the public eye earlier this summer, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are not actually splitting up.

We told you so, and thank goodness.

After separating in May, rumors of a Heidi Montag sex tape preceded the plastic pair's "reunion" in Costa Rica this month. But they never really split, you see.

The Gruesome Twosome
The Plastic Pairing

Looks like Speidi's divorce is off. Was it ever on? [Photos: Pacific Coast News]

The gruesome twosome were secretly living together all summer, Radar Online reports, and naturally left their rental house in Malibu in a state of disrepair.

"Heidi and Spencer made some very expensive upgrades to the house, without the owner’s permission,” a source close to the situation told the gossip site.

Speidi miraculously stayed out of sight very well for a bit, before returning with hilarious, staged photo shoots like the ones above, celebrating her birthday.

Not that living on the DL is easy for celebrities and fame whores.

“Wanting to keep prying eyes away, they planted 20 foot tall trees along the front of the house against the wall. They also took it upon themselves to change the pool from chlorine to salt water which was very expensive," says a source.

The couple recently moved out and told people close to them that they were “were relocating to Costa Rica together" the source said. That's likely bull$h!t, but she was seen there holding her giant boobs in the ocean last week.

Whatever their plans, the owner of the rental place is pissed.

Cheers to Another Year of PR Stunts

"Heidi and Spencer fired the gardener the owner had. They did so because they have four small dogs and complained that the gardener was leaving the gate open and letting them out. They brought in their own gardener,” the source added.

"Heidi and Spencer were required to put down a much bigger security deposit because they have four dogs," the insider continued. "The dogs peed on a $15,000 carpet and Heidi and Spencer threw it out without telling the owner."

One thing that's not in doubt? That the couple is back on.

“Yes, they are living back together again. He is delighted that she is giving their relationship another chance,” a source says of the great Spencer Pratt.

Heidi recently told the AP that their divorce is on hold: "As far as I'm concerned the last thing in the world after everything we have just been through is to go through with this divorce. But we are just taking life second by second."

Except for when they plan elaborate, long-running hoaxes.


I wish Heidi and Spencer would just go away. They stay awake nights trying to finds ways to get photographed and have stories written about them. Wise up you media people. Don't post stories about them. Maybe they would get real jobs. Nobody cares if they get a divorce or stay together. They are media trash.


@Deanna, it would be impossible to prove they never intended to split. How do you prove intent or lack thereof? Sigh. I was really hoping it was legit. Once upon a time, Heidi could've done so much better. Now she's stuck with the psychoPratt.


We need to ship these two off somewhere. No one cares about them. I won't loose any sleep over if they're together or not. Seriously people need to stop treating them like they are celebrities. They're just 2 annoying people who crave fame.


Namaste, Can't wait to see the Heidi of the Alpes sextape part 2. Hihi. In search for some Edelweis one stumbles upon a platinum blonde with her hair in two long tales and big boobs. She bends over to pick the Edelweis. And then it is time to take of that tight Lederhoser. Bluhahahahahahhaaha! Ohm shanti.


why do you give them what they want??? they want fame and your feeding into it...they are ugly, horrible and disgusting..leave them to themselves..stop acknowledging them..they feed into it..they are sick individuals


Heidi and Spencer WHOOOOOOOO? Let them RIP pleeeeze!


pretty sure falsely filing divorce papers is fraud and illegal.


Please Please Please I'm so tired of these two people. They're liars and just gross!

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