Jesse James and Kat Von D Won't Last, Oliver Peck Predicts

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Oliver Peck is the ex-husband of Kat Von D. As such, he has the following, revealing insights to offer us about his former wife's hilarious new relationship with Jesse James:

  1. Both sides of couple are likely just in it for publicity.
  2. The relationship won't last.

Truly shocking on both accounts, we know.

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Jesse James and Kat Von D: Inked and in love... with the spotlight!

"She'll do anything to stay in the limelight." Peck told In Touch Weekly. "She's done nothing but screw over every friend she's had. She cheated on me, got messed up and left me... I don't think anything with her will last."

Clearly, Oliver didn't read that Kat said James is The One. Sorry, dude. We'll let you know where the couple is registered.

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If anyone knows I would like to know what kat said about ville valo on twitter/facebook that pissed him off?


Well Oliver was right. Poor Orbie, too. This woman seems to have an insatiable appetite for bad relationships. What I don't get is the story about Ville Valo. What exactly was it she posted about him on Facebook and Twitter that pissed him off? There was a scandal about it and then it just blew off. I hope it's not true that they had an affair. That would compromise him in my eyes...Well, I hope it's a lie. He seems like such a sweet person!


He's such a scumbag. *gag* and I actually had respect for her, but clinging to him makes her seem so needy and insecure. Sandra Bullock has said NOTHING about him in the media, then for him to trash her on a tv interview. It seems at though Kat would have more respect for another woman than that (especially one she KNOWS was done dirty) and at least tell her 'man' to shut his hole. But Kat dear..if he was That CRAZY about you, he would shut up about Sandra already...just sayin...


one word for her is ugly. another is slut.


This is all a farce. This Kat is in love with the only one person plastered all over her shop and that's ville valo....there's not one scene in her show where the heartagram, or something about valo is not seen!


Wow, man I thought this chick was cool. She's fucked right up. Holy man get a grip, your like a coke addict with publicity. You could have made it without selling yourself out. Jesse, well he was cool with Sandra, lol. So lets date the guy who cheats to get yourself in the spot light.. You wont last, and he's just on the rebound, and to think I watched you every chance I got. You screwed Cory over, do you feel hot, hot, sexy and all about yourself, sounds like it....


omg!kat u could have done better.jesse james?????!!!!!!!!!!!wow!this guy could almost be her dad,love te tattoos tho!!


Water seeks his own level. He wasn't anywhere near Sandra Bullock's class and quality. He should have thrown himself on the ground and thanked G-d she ever noticed him no less married him. This seems to be a great match for two truly nasty gnarly people.


She's definitely willing to do anything for publicity.
I used to love her when I first heard of her one Miami Ink. Then she got her own show, those other guys got fucked over and ever since, her ego's been getting bigger and bigger. She's fucked over all the close people she's had around her, working with her, tattooing for her n such. It's sad to see that she has no problem just getting rid of people in her life who are supposed to be close friends, and acting like it's nothing. I would never want anyone like her in my life that's for sure.
Ever since she got her own show, she's done nothing but acted like everything's about her. When Cory left all she could do was make it about it. DO YOU NOT SEE WHERE HE'S COMING FROM! Good God. Wtf is wrong with women these days, straight up.
Being a female, it makes we weep for the future. Bitches be bitches though, right?


What happened with Nikki Sixx? I wasnt even aware they split. Then to see her with this guy. How could she dump Nikki for this pile of crap?

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