You're Invited to a Danielle Staub Stripper Party!

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You're clearly trying, Michaele Salahi, but you have a long way to go until you've earned the title of of Reality TV's Biggest Villain.

Barring a full personality makeover, this honor will belong to Danielle Staub for the foreseeable future. She's helping to cement it by throwing herself a belated 48th birthday party - at a strip club!


Just days after telling all Real Housewives to "be humble" and to "teach your children that hard work is definitely something that becomes lucrative," Staub will make herself the center of attention at Scores, a gentleman's establishment in New York City...

... and we're all invited!

According to the invite, attendees will be treated to a live performance of the single "Real Close" and, we can only imagine, a pole dance by Danielle herself. After all, she certainly has the experience:



FIRST!!!!! She's a MOTHER!!!!! She has two beautiful daughters, what in the hell is she doing to them?????
My Gawd, be a mother you old has been, you're still trying to
hang in their...Please!!!!! think of your daughters, you've messed up your life, don't mess up thiers anymore than you already have


Yes Will, this is what they look like 20 years later!! And no plastic surgery does not help I can still see you face!! Great role model MOM!


Ahhhh... so this is what a dried up ex coke-whore looks like. Will she be giving lap dances to show what a good mother she is? It's a shame a place like Scores wants to headline the Crypt Keeper...


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