Danielle Staub to Teresa Giudice: Foreclose This!

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Danielle Staub has two messages for Teresa Giudice:

  1. Told you so!
  2. Avoid payday loans, no money down mortgages and be smart with your money.

That's the basic reaction this reality star has for her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate, as Giudice faces serious bankruptcy and financial problems. Speaking to reporters about Teresa'a $11 million debt this week, Staub said:

“I’m going to tell her what I told her before - your house is in foreclosure. I wasn’t lying and you did know... I think people need to spend within their means and if you don’t know what you have, you need to communicate with your husband."

This is easily the most sane Danielle has ever sounded.

Teresa vs. Danielle

Staub and Giudice went at it on the amazing July 13 episode of this Bravo show, as seen above. Since then, Teresa has gone on The View and said her husband, Joe, never said a word about their impending foreclosure.

But that's a lame excuse, Danielle says, adding: "One thing that comes with marriage is that it’s fifty-fifty. It is your responsibility to know these things. You can’t just throw him under the bus... That’s not cool.”

In the end, Staub has profound advice for all the Real Housewives: “Be very humble, be grateful for the opportunities that have been given to you and try to teach your children that hard work is definitely something that becomes lucrative to you in the end.”

In the rear end, she means, as Danielle knows from personal, videotaped experience.


Danielle, on the other hand,uses a non-profit fund-raiser to fund a sweet 16 birthday party for her daughter. Where's the IRS on this matter?


Danielle is a little nuts but has done a good job raising her girls. Teresa has no class- we now know why she paid with cash for her furniture (because she spent the rent money. Who does that? Use a debt card if you don't want to use a credit card. Teresa is a big lie; everything about her is a lie. Just admit you're losing your house, it's going to come out in the end!


Wow.... Teresa is no saint but she is not fuc&ing some dude(s) farting out brocolli & onions & loving the smell cuz she is so high on cocaine she thinks it is cute. She is a pig always was always will be. Poor Jillian & Christine, all their friends, parents, teachers are gonna look up those gross sex tapes... Would you do that to your kids? NUFF SAID! The father needs to take the kids. She is an addict, I can tell by her face. plus how is she 100% Italian she looks Jewish. She does not even know who her mother is. So how does she know what she is? Bev Merril does not even resemble italian. No name she has had even married Staub/Maher is Italian. She lives in coo-coo land! She has no soul & is dangerous. Oh & now she is a Lezbian? engaged 19+ times married twice 2 kids sex tape(s) with men. Ohh but I am a lezbo... you Danielle supporters are sick & wierd yourself.


Executive Producer, Andy Cohen should not only file ASSAULT CHARGES against Teresa Guidice,he should also FIRE her immediately from the show! She is a liability and a risk to the safety of the cast and crew.


Lets get something straight Danielle is not afraid of any of you. If Danielle was all what was mention in that book do you really think she is afraid of anyone? I don't think so Danielle is a smart woman. I can understand why she wanted to be a part of the Manzo family and friends with Dino SHE HAS NO ONE BUT HER CHILDREN therefore she thought she can be a part of something. My family is huge just like the Manzos but my parents taught us to love everyone and help them with their fallicies, help them become a better person but never turn someone away. Manzos you will have your turn because GOD is the ruler not Caroline Manzo


This must be the minority of the viewers that love Danielle. (Remember, either love her or hate her) Teresa is hilarious. I've honestly thought that SHE would be the most successful out of the women if she decided to have her own show. Bethenny has a similar personality. Remember, this show's perpose is for entertainment...which she is! Danielle is being fired because she is a liability, in every sense of the word. She's entirely too hard on her daughters and I'm quite certain that they're going to become just like their mother...very sad. Danielle deserved to be fired but I'm not going to lie and say that it wasn't fun while it lasted. I'm sure she's going to live off of her daughters' successes....sad.


I have read all the news on Teresa and her foreclosure. How horrible. That plus the arrogance she displays on the show along with the terrors she is raising should be the end of her career. If that isn't enough, what about the lying to the Federal Government? How about her intentional fight with Danielle where Ashley pretended that she thought her mom was attacked so she could be a bitch and harm the woman who helped her the previous year? Fire Teresa, we agree.


Why would Bravo even consider keeping Teresa? She is the meanest cruelest most selfish individual. Is that why? Is it for ratings? Do they need a degenerate? We would watch the show again if she were not on it.


These people are right on the mark. Bravo- we all want you to fire Teresa. She is a disgrace. She is much worse than Danielle Staub. She is intentionally cruel and selfish. We get that she is jealous of those that can really afford things, but that is certainly no excuse.


How can Bravo allow a white collar criminal who is also a slumlord to continue on? That is sickening. Does the network feel any allegiance toward the public and for the health of our economy? Does the network condone her selfish behavior and the fact that she is raising spoiled rotten children with no conscience? What about the fact that she has no intention of paying those she owes or concern for the health of her own husband? She needs to stop spending the money he doesn't have. He can't take it anymore. She needs to go into that apartment and work in that pizza place as a waitress. How dare she insult Danielle? Danielle is raising great honest responsible children. She is not.

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