Steven Slater Hires Publicist, Nears End of His 15 Minutes

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The craze over Steven Slater might be getting out of hand.

New reports indicate that the disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant may have been the one who instigated a confrontation on last week's flight, while many THG readers have expressed dismay over Slater possibly landing a reality show out of the ordeal.

At this point, who is more famous: Barry Manilow or Steven Slater?

Now, PR specialist Howard Bragman has taken Slater on as a client. Said the publicist who has represented Isaiah Washington, Chaz Bono and Oksana Grigorieva:

"I think that he's hit something in the zeitgeist, and I think that I understand what he's hit. So I'm doing the media relations and also acting as manager.

"I'm seeing a lot of interest. I think he's an interesting character, and I don't think America knows him. I think they're going to like this guy. He's very charming and very intelligent. I think there is real potential in him."

Slater did break the law, of course, and is facing seven years in jail.

We also understand his frustration, but isn't part of a flight attendant's job to deal with rude passengers? Therefore, we must ask again: What should happen to Steven Slater?


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