Patti Stanger, Andy Friedman Call Off Wedding

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The Millionaire Matchmaker still hasn't made the right one for herself.

Patti Stanger has called off her own wedding to Andy Friedman, she revealed on Twitter Sunday: "I just ended my relationship with Andy," she wrote.

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They had been happy together for a long time, however, "It hit me really hard that I want kids in my life. You have to agree on the non-negotiables."

That seems to imply her man did not want children. The 49-year-old Bravo star, who got engaged to Andy Friedman last year and was with him six years, apparently never mentioned the kids thing between 2004 and right now?

It was not to be for Patti Stanger and Andy Friedman.

After announcing the sad news, Stanger Twittered, "Thank you so much for all the supportive messages, Tweets, emails and Facebook comments. It means a lot."

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Keep these arclites coming as they've opened many new doors for me.


She is SUCH a mean vulgar woman, yek.


I don't think its anyone buisness on how old or how you should mother its her life and its called mind your own buisness.only person to judge is god. Everyone has there own time and if now she wants kids her life. Happy peaple to busy living there life not worrying boot others. Patti let it ride storm will come then you'll think back when you find someone real good them you'll say what the hell were you this other person a man will move mountains if its right man. He don't deserve you why be limited on is he worth it? I'd be real hurt if a man I love didn't want kids I'd say full him
Excuse my language. Lolol


Peaple so quick to judge. I totally agree with her I feel her. I am in deed an aries and I hear her talk and its like I'm listening to myself lol she is so right on the money with everything. I wish her the best and more power to you. Either you got it or you don't. A real man can only handle a real confident honest woman admirable. Its your life live it. Anyway u want. Forget the negative peaple. That's why god blessed your success. That's what matters. Love her


I must admit..I like the show & Patti holds nothin back but that lame excuse about the man not wanting children.I don't believe that..Patti's azz was 2 busy trying 2 put together relationships while her's was falling apart.. what match maker would want u 2 know that she can't hold down a relationship when she suppose 2 have all the answers...him not wanting babies is the perfect excuse.


She is like the chef who never cooks at home.


She needs to start following her own advice. Stop wasting the pretty Patti.


To all of you that have commented on why they didn't discuss the topic of children, I think by the wording of the article, Patti didn't think she wanted children but recently she has discovered that she does indeed want children in her life. The Patti that we have all been introduced to, would probably adopt. Perhaps she will do just that on her own. To all the people hurling insults in Patti's direction ... I have one question for you. How jealous are you of her success? It certainly shows! Keep up the good work, Patti! I love your show!


Whatever, Patti, I am very sorry for the breakup. I do agree with how you handle the dating/marriage search. It's dead on. Most people want this but do not have the guts to admit it or the strength to stick with it-----and then wonder why. It's plain and doesn't fudge the straight line. You don't waver.
To waver is to lose all that you are going for. It's a definite
yes, I want this or a no, I'm not serious; I'll take less. But it's yourself you are cheating. Not Patti, not him, not your mother, YOU. I like your style! Please come back on and PLEASE
advertise it plenty, I've learned a lot and I want to watch you
again and again and again and again. If others are snart, they will too! Thanks Patti!


I think the kids ship has probably sailed (and it may be a bogus reason thrown out to throw tabloids off the scent or something) but if its true, she was smart to call it off. I've seen way too many people (both women and men) marry thinking they were going to change the other's mind about not having kids. It doesn't happen. Most often, one just ends up resenting the other. Oh, and Lancer, I'm so sorry you have been able to measure up to real women's standards. Perhaps one day you will find someone who is willing to settle.