Patti Stanger: Engaged to Andy Friedman

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The annoying host of that Millionaire Matchmaker show on Bravo has apparently found one of her own. We're guessing the guy isn't poor, either.

Patti Stanger is engaged to Andy Friedman, she says. The star's reaction:

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"I feel like it should have happened years ago, so I'm kind of shocked."

Andy Friedman, a 51-year-old real estate executive that Patti Stanger, 48, met through her own matchmaker five and a half years ago - popped the question in Maui on her May 31 birthday. A black swan named Raymond delivered the ring.

Of the ring, Patti says, "I have a rule, if you go out a year and he doesn't propose, it goes up a carat a year." Because that makes a lot of sense.

The L.A.-based duo is planning 2010 nuptials, even if "I want to elope, and he wants a big wedding," she says. "I'm like, 'Let's go to Vegas!'"

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The blonde ugly jewish girl who asked where her (Patti's) boyfriend was turned up uninvited to a cocktail party with a friend. She got kicked off of a reality show the bachelor, a farmer was looking for a
wife. She was an obnoxious fat, big mouth from Laguna Niguel. Patti does have a sharp edge to her but I like her, she's quick witted & has made a great business for herself. Rabbi Smulley doesn't seem to share her match making ability however, but he thinks he's a jewish messiah so who cares what he thinks.


I'm going way back to Patti dissing Bethenny Frankle because she was egged on by Jill Zarin. Patti, you lost a viewer by becomming involved in something which doesn't involve you. As has come out over time, you were used by Jill and she is a sick, sick Mama. Narsassistic/Sciopath comes to mind, or menopause, or manic depressive or many other things, but friend isn't one of her descriptions. I warn you, if you pick up with her when you move to NYC, you will be in serious trouble rating wise.


what a whore..cant believe any guy would marry that! lol


I love Patty! She is a strong and opinionated woman! I think she looks beautiful and is a great personality on TV!


i think Patty is so rude and hateful at times. Why does she even have her own show? patty is not a pretty women. i don't watch her show because of her rudeness.


on one of the shows this blonde hoochie bibmbo made a comment about where her boyfriend lived at in a derrogatory manner, does anyone remember where that was?


where is he from again?? where does he live in cali??


I watch the show every week & enjoy it. When is the wedding? Where did Patti find the associates that help her with the business? It seems like she does the majority of the work.


I really hate it when people get jealous, don't you Patti?!

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