New Taylor Swift Album Cover: What Do You Think?

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After pretty much owning the entertainment world in 2009, Taylor Swift has remained relatively quiet throughout 2010.

We've heard more about her dating life - Taylor Lautner? Cory Monteith? Toby Hemingway? - than her professional life, but there's a reason for that: Swift has been in the recording studio making a new album.

It will be released on October 25 and is titled "Speak Now." Of the 14 tracks on the CD, Taylor has said:

"These songs are made up of words I didn’t say when the moment was right in front of me. These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person."

Check out the cover art for the album below and sound off:

Taylor Swift: Speak Now Cover

What do you think?


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im soo excited for that album to came out..i really love taylo swift!more power to her


i realy like it i can't wait when it comes out


@Tiffany Rogers:I agree with you 100%. People use the 'slut' label way too much and for the wrong reasons. It's a stupid, repressive label. Taylor Swift's dress is really pretty.


It's so pop.. but then again, she is pop. Just stay away from country, and I'm fine...


FINALLY something age appropriate, it's creepy when a 20 year old acts like she's fifteen or dates fifteen year olds, hopefully she'll attract guys her own age now.


wow pathetic losers who dont know the meaning of the word "slut", sad that people just love throwing that word around


And I love her voice. And she plays guitar to! (-:


And I think she is adorable and very beautiful


it just sounds like an old jelous boyfriend. What a dushbag!


@C - but she IS a slut. She denied her "friends" "FALSE" accusations but then there was her family saying she was a "hard" girl to control. Come oooon... so what?! She still sings alright, right?! But yes C... she is a slut.