Kourtney and Khloe Bid Farewell to Miami, Not Reality TV

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The season finale of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami aired last night, but don't worry fans: these two utter wastes of Oxygen will be back next Sunday night for the premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

For now, let's review the final 2010 installment of Kourtney and Khloe scripted series, as brought to you below by a THG intern...

Attention Kraver

Season finales are meant to conclude with a bang, but this one was pretty dull. As they prepared to head back to California, Kourtney and Khloe handed off the Dash store and tied up loose ends and... that was about it.

I wonder if Dash will go to sh*t - literally and figuratively - again now that the girls are leaving.  I’m sure some crisis will be staged so the girls have to jet back down eventually and film a third season.

The point of the whole episode was to show Kourtney and Scott Disick going through couples counseling.  Despite the fact that Kourtney says she hates therapy, she goes to one of Scott’s sessions.  She says she wants to support him, but not enable him. 

She speaks privately with the doctor later on about the fine line between the supporting and enabling and breaks down a little.

For someone who is extremely open and runs around practically naked, Kourtney doesn’t reveal much of what she truly feels.  Scott seems surprised to see her cry.  I guess Kourtney is just used to putting on a face for the cameras. 

When she and Scott sit down to have a discussion, he constantly interrupts and berates her, sending her further into tears.  By the way, it’s not easy to cry through that many fake eyelashes.

After everything is packed and Khloe has hosted her last radio show, the girls are about to leave and Scott comes over to say goodbye.  We see Scott shed a few tears and try and gain forgiveness from Kourtney.  Much to Khloe’s happiness, Kourtney tells Scott he needs to get himself together first and she leaves for Los Angeles without him. 

This might be an suspenseful cliffhanger... if episodes weren't 100% contrived and filmed months ago. The status of Kourtney and Scott's relationship isn't exactly a mystery in real life.

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Amber honey the show is fake Kourney and Scott have not broken up and everything on the show is done for ratings. Kourtney is not going to holla at you!!


so what is the real deal on kourt and scott bcuz i no its like easier said than done but kourt 4 real u deserve so much better not only u but mason also deserves better and if scott makes a change not short term but for the rest of his life and he can be the man and dad that u guys really need then that is great but u need to be strong girl and make sure 100% sure that he is for real and not just smooth talkin u into comin back cuz this time its not just about u its about mason i know i have gone through something a little similar and i have 2 kids and it has 2 b about them!!! Stay Strong Girl im praying for u holla if u need 2 talk

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