Keeping Up with the Kardashians Preview: Nice Vagina, Khloe!

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In the following trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner says he's "sick and tired of all of this."

The former Olympian is referring to contrived problems in his marriage, but he might as well be speaking for millions of individuals who shake their heads over the deterioration of society, largely exemplified by the interest in this utterly talentless family.

Among the previewed developments writers have penned and producers have set up for Khloe, Kourtney, Kim and company on the new season, which premieres August 22:

  • Kim is set up with Miles Austin, and gets upset over texts to "whores."
  • Kris flirts with a younger man.
  • Scott Disick complains about his quasi in-laws and threatens a move to New York.
  • Kim compliments Khloe on her vagina. 

Watch the promo below and ask yourself: Is this really what television has devolved into?

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OMG, i agree that you people need to stop with your bad talking, feel the need to put others down, im sure that you have this perfect life, NOT? i bet you was one of those mean girls in school, you know the girl that had to put others down just to make themselves look better, i feel sorry for you, find something better to do with you time, I LOVE YOU GIRLS, keep doing what you're doing Sarah posted aug 12th something about Kris all i have to say to you is im sure you're just wishing you looked that good so fuck off.


These kardashian women are pathetic whores, they have zero class and there language is disgusting, they are very overrated in my opinion, they make there money flaunting there fat asses, how talented they are, what a joke...


These kardashian women are pathetic whores, they have zero classes and there language is disgusting, they a very overrated in my opinion, they make there flaunting there fat asses, how talented they are, what a joke...


mate if i had the chance i would beat the shit out off that scott what a f**ckin dickhead yeah


the Kardashian's seem so be one of the most dim-witted family of idiots, representative of the de-evolution of the U.S. Sad really. Jenner should leave them to their idiocracy. If the Kar-dumb-shitians want respect, they should get a clue, and their useless band of fans should wake up and contribute; cause they ARE indicative of what's wrong with the United State of America.


THIS IS AMERICA, thanks from Argentina.


ok now im really sick ijust read that i don't even like mayo that is fucking nasty now i don't know why i did like kim and for the stepsister are going to belike them they get older just watch and see and their book is number 4 that tell yall something


He rarely calls her, or calls us to check on her welfare. ,, [url=""][/url],, =-O,


why is this still on tv?


Bruce ,, i lost all respect for you,How can you hang out with these pigs? The pig whores are the worst role models on earth,Get rid of the old money mother manager grabbing bitch,Take the two young girl(BEFORE IT,S TO LATE) pack up an get out,,You can,t let the two young girls be looking up to the 4 pigs..