Kelly Brook Playboy Cover, Photos: Unveiled!

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It's been five years since Kelly Brook was named by FHM as the Sexiest Woman in the World.

Now, in an attempt to regain such a billing, the British bombshell is posing naked in the latest issue of Playboy. But she says the decision wasn't easy because she isn't exactly a spring chicken.

“I was a little self-conscious about the Playboy shoot because I look at the other girls in the magazine and they’re just so perfect," Brooke tells the magazine, adding: 

"I’m not 20 anymore, my boobs are real, and they even hang a little.  But [photographer] Ellen von Unwerth is amazing, and she really brought us back to those gorgeous shoots from the 1960s and 1970s, when the girls were all natural.  You don’t see that very often these days.”

Does Brook have a reason to be self-conscious? You tell us! Check out this issue's cover and a couple pictures from the shoot below.

PG Playboy Pic
Kelly Brook on Playboy
Kelly Brook Photograph

Hot, Kelly really turns me on-more than the rest perhaps. I like her breasts-don't want'em to big when she's bouncing off me. And I love those hips eeeeeu pull those panties down a liittlefuther


Crazy, she should have stayed covered up. The photos are disappointing because she's usually photographed in huge padded bras, I guess reality ain't that great... Also, what's with the drag queen make up? I know she's over 30 but surely a natural look would've been prettier?


greatest figure ever admired


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