Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Koming Back August 22

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Since we definitely aren't exposed to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian enough on Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami, we'll soon be Keeping Up some more.

A new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians premieres August 22.

Try to contain the excitement of finally learning what these secretive stars are up to. We've barely heard from them since the last season ended. Suspense!

The first episode will show newly-single Kim moving into her new home, but fighting with mother Kris Jenner after she throws a housewarming party.

Guests spill food all over Kim's expensive rugs. Gripping television.

Signing Sisters

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS SEASON THREE: GETTIN' KRUNK. That's not really what it will be subtitled of kourse, but a celebrity gossip site can dream.

In another scene, Kourtney - spoiler alert!!!!!! - moves out of the condo she shares with douchetastic BF Scott Disick and into Khloe and Lamar Odom's pad.

But the producer Kourtney decides she needs to move out once Khloe and Disick get into a screaming match and Khloe refuses to let him into her home.

Little sisters Kylie Jenner, who just debuted as a model, and Kendall Jenner, whose racy bikini pictures recently caused a stir - will have bigger roles as well.

The network says they're "no longer the quiet, young children they once were, and Bruce and Kris have their hands full with their youngest daughters' new career opportunities, first dates and not so lady-like behavior towards the paparazzi."

Kylie is 12 and Kendall is 14. Great values, E!


'' bruce is the father and he ought to make them act their age. he just sats back like some dumb ass and ignorant kris run the show.this comment goes with the other. i messed up.


'' bruce is the father and he ought to make them act their age. he just sats back like some dumb ass and ignorant kris run the show.


i cannot stand chris, when you cry it is s fake. cant you do any better. mason and kourtney is scotts family now, not yours. your always saying you dont have room in your family for him, leave scott the hell alone. scott needs to tell you that he doesnt have room for you in his family and knowing kourtney she wouldnt let you see mason if scott put his foot down on it. your such a fake chris, you try to act like your high class but i get embarrased for you when i see howw low class you really are. your nkids are nothing but whores and now i guess the people will have to watch your little girls now embarras themselves. bruce ought to whip their ass and make ,yes i said make


i dont think i can get in to watching 2 little 14 year olds who kris is going to let be little whores. the whole show is based on kim bering a whore with her sex tape. these people are not famous. name one damn thing they can do


All good. Photoshoot - totally inappropriate for an underage girl. Then again look at the rest of the family... Who could she possibly look up to. Regards from Australia!


i can't wait for the show come back im so exticed i love kim no matter what









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