Justin Bieber Makes Like The Beatles

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Careful, Justin Bieber. We know you're a very popular young man, and we know you have a comic book, memoir and movie based around your life in the works.


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    i fuckin hate you bieber.

    the beatles were fucking awsome.


    beatles are forever! justin beaver will be easily forgotten 2 years from now on just like eminems chocolate! that gay beaver will not be victorious! please stop comparing the beatles to gay beaver. they have more achievements than gay beaver. that zero talent gay beaver comparing to the genius, masterful beatles.


    beatles are forever! justin beaver will be easily forgotten 2 years from now on just like eminems chocolate! that gay beaver will not be victorious!


    some of you are taking too serious,the kid has a following and is very polular among teens, which is good,his comparison to the beatles was taken out of context. he gets chased around by teen girls,so did the fab4, i think that was his only comparison. musically, forgeddaboutit, there has been no one close to the beatles and very well may never be, but come on people, too much hate in this world.


    Let me make one thing clear. Justin Bieber is not, and will NEVER be like The Beatles.
    First of all, The Beatles actually had talent.
    Second of all, The Beatles were not 16-year-old girls, nor did they sound like 16-year-old girls.

    There is a big difference between the most influential band in the world and a 12-year old girl who can't think of anything better than, "BABY, BABY, BABY OHHHH! BABY, BABY, BABY NOOOOO!"


    Okay, Justin Bieber will NEVER be like The Beatles,
    let's just get that straight right now.
    He's just some sixteen-year-old fag who thinks he can sing.
    All he has is voice editors, in a high-tech studio.
    They had REAL, RAW talent.
    Justin Bieber will never be like The Beatles,
    in any form or fashion.


    Been playing beatles songs for 5 years at shitty clubs and this little fag posts videos on youtube and gets famous???


    Why is this kid doing this? First of all, the Beatles had talent. They weren't auto tuned little 16 year olds. They wrote their own songs and played their own instruments. The Beatles had to play clubs for 6 years before being discovered. They risked their jobs and education for music, they had to leave college and in George Harrison's case, high school. Then they finally were discovered, and everything paid off. All this kid did was post a couple videos online and suddenly he's famous. He gets auto tuned and he has people put in the synthesizer loops for his "songs". What happened to all the hard work people put in to making music?

    Now can you really compare this kid to the four men who changed the world? NO.


    Who's nephew is this???


    It's just a onedayhit , tommorow nobody remembers him.
    He just likes the girls not the music..
    nobody can do what the beatles did..

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