Ian Somerhalder Deemed Sexiest Beast in Hollywood; Vote Now!

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Ian Somerhalder is one sexy beast. Correction:


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    lmao dang thee drama. well idk but i like ian way better because hes hot vamp or not


    Oh and Jen, the TVD books came out YEARS before the Twilight Saga books so if anything Stephanie Meyer copied LJ Smith. Nice try, though.


    Haters are hilarious. LMFAO Twihards need to get over it. Not everyone thinks Rob Pattinson is like the second coming and like 'the hottest vampire ever!' Jesus, David Boreanaz is way more attractive than that guy. First of all Karen, you should really do your research before posting dumb, uninformed comments like that. TVD's ratings PROVE that 11-14 year olds are far from the only people watching the show. So, nice try but no cigar.


    I'm 25 and i voted for Ian Come on haters, you can't compare Ian with Rob. Ugh.. Rob! Ian is way more sexier and hotter.


    Edward is not a vampire...he lives in the woods and sparkles.. so obviously he's a fairy!


    Ian rightly won! What's sexy about a wimpy, sparkly ass vegetarian vamp? Damon Salvatore trumps Edward. No competition! And I know tons of people over the age of 14 who watch the show...it's not afraid to get down and dirty, unlike twilight. Everyone that tweeted vote for Ian was just trying to help out their castmate or friend, and stop the twihards from a ludicrous victory. Really. All the rude comments are obviously blinded and misled twilight fans. FYI, the world is moving on...once breaking Dawn is over, the Saga will be a thing of the past.


    How much did he pay for this? He would call to tell press where he was for pictures and now coping True Blood with the fake affair with Nina. How old is he and his wrinkled old face. There is a reason Lost dumped him..he can't act.


    @Jen: The Vampire Diaries is based on a series of books that came out BEFORE Twilight. Go ahead and look it up. Who is copying who??


    some voted several times, while some were complaining that their votes can't get through. So, what's real? I voted for Edward, of course.

    Just look at Edward's pic in the cover. Did VD gave that much to promote its second season? I'm disgusted__AND VD should stop copy kittying scenes from twilight. Its downright cheap!


    @Karen: First of all, the ratings disprove your claim that only 11-14 year olds watch Vampire Diaries. Check how well it does in the most important TV demographic to advertisers: 18-49-year olds.

    Second, even if one were to accept your premise... what age group do you think makes Twilight so popular??

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