Mel Gibson's Dad: The Pope is Gay!

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Another day, another offensive Gibson rant ... this time not by Mel, though!

Mel Gibson’s controversial father, Hutton Gibson, told Liberty News Radio that "half the Vatican" is gay and that Pope Benedict XVI is a homosexual too.

Asked by Radar Online to confirm those remarks, the elder Gibson, 91, did so and then some, saying: “That is correct – I stand by my statements."

“The Vatican is full of all these child molesters, that is all there is to it.”

Hutton Gibson shocked listeners on the Political Cesspool Radio Program with his take on why the Catholic Church has failed to tackle homosexuality.

He calls Pope Benedict was “a homosexual” and “a slippery character” involved in a Masonic conspiracy out to destroy the Catholic Church from within.

Hutton Gibson is not a huge fan of the Pope.

Mel Gibson’s father attends his alternative Catholic Church in Malibu and has so far not spoken about the actor’s alleged abuse of Oksana Grigorieva.

This is a rant that gives Mel a run for his money, though.

The outspoken critic of the Catholic Church questioned in a 2003 interview how Nazis had disposed of six million bodies during the Holocaust, and claimed that the September 11, 2001, attacks were perpetrated by remote control.

Now, Hutton Gibson claims the Catholic Church isn’t fighting the repeal of Proposition 8 “because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer."

"They have not handled the horrible situation in the church. In fact they have fostered it because as I say they are trying to destroy the church.”

Asked if he thinks the Pope is gay, Hutton replied, “I certainly do. Why else would he put up with this? He was in charge of stamping it out."


I love the faith but I absolutely agree we are being destroyed from within.Malachi Martin has been on about this for decades and he was correct.Most dont believe in God thats up to them but these masonic priests are in our church with the intention of placing Satan on the throne.They murder, molest and sacrifice people for the evil one.This sounds absurd to the vast majority but as a catholic I tell you it is the truth.


How very, very sad and what a sinful world we live in. Mel Gibson once stated in an interview his father has never told him a lie. His father however, is very confused if he really believes what he stated regarding the Pope,Church Vatican and Holocaust. Both have been deceived. Yes, I believe the Church is in need of a cleansing but to say what he has said is so wrong. I have and will continue to pray for Mel and his family, especially his father, who is getting on in years, that the Truth will triumph in their lives. May God bless them always.


wow you people are slow!
I this guy say the same thing about 20 years ago...


Mels dad has lived in Australia for along time-and his generation are not afraid to speak there mind,(and it is a very Australian trait that some people cannot handle!) Problem with people these days is political correctness-and the fear of being branded as a racist,ect.
they feel they cant speak there mind. Its his point of view-doesnt mean everyone else has to agree with it!!!!!!


The man is telling the truth.
Anyone with any sense would investigate the Vatican's history to see just how much bloodshed and crimes they committed against
But not just the Vatican.
All religion is false.
A guise to control people and collect $$$.
Did you know?
Governments PAY the church with public tax money.
For a good job welldone, keeping their noses out of the
political slave market.
But allowing religion to keep their own.


wow! I see where Mel Gibson gets it from...sad, very sad. Not only racists, but abusers and homophobes to...God help them




read up on this pope . he was an ex nazi ... mel gibsons dad should love im!


of course he is what do you think they do when a priest dies and they lock themselves in that big ass room. They all fuck each other and lick each others asses and then somehow name a priest and from the looks of it they name the one that is closets to death.

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