Father of Fantasia Barrino: God Will Help, Daughter Will Be Okay

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Following a scary overdose and hospital admission, Fantasia Barrino is finally home.

The singer is recovering from a tumultuous couple of weeks her father says, as he's released a statement thanking followers for their love and assuring all of us his daughter will be okay.

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"Fantasia was pleased with all the messages of support from her fans, but just now she just needs to rest and bring everything back together," Joseph Barrino said. "This has been a difficult time but she will pull through.”

As for Fantasia's daughter, Zion, Mr. Barrino says the young girl "was staying with both myself and her grandmother but she is back with Fantasia now."

"She is getting a lot of comfort with being with her daughter and the doctors have told her just to rest," Joseph added. "My daughter just needs time – she is a strong girl and with God’s help she will be okay."

Unfortunately, Fantasia's troubles may just be beginning. Because her native North Carolina is one of the few states that still has certain adultery laws on the books, she could actually be sued for having an affair with Antwaun Cook.

At last check, Paula Cook was mighty steamed over her husband's relationship with the singer and might take legal action against them both. We'll keep readers apprised of any developments, and simply wish a healthy recovery to Fantasia for now.


My sister, life is full of ups and downs.If your yesterday was not favourable,thank God for there is life.You are still a child of God and He still loves you.Worry not of the things people might say.The arms of the Lord are always open to welcome back His children when they return to He in repentance.So just go back to God in repentance and He will forgive you and ask for the forgiveness of the married man's wife and let them be for your own husband will soon come your way.But please never again in your life try to cut your life short cos you still have a lot to do on earth.Keep focus on God and your mission on earth even though it will not always be easy,God never said it was going to be easy.Not easy to be a star or a great person in life,you will a times stumble and fall,and when you fall do not remain there,rise up unto your feet and keep trusting in the Lord and He will see you through.Love you so much dear,God bless and forgive you.Stay blessed.


Fantasia, I pray you get well and resume singing. God has anointed your voice for him, so use it for him. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. You know it's wrong to date a married man as well as have sex without marriage so why not wait on God to give you your own husband. There is a preach on you, and deep down inside you know it's true so gone and give it up and let God have his way in your life. You haven't seen nothing yet...wait until you simply say "yes" and mean it.


Prince - ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. She was wrong - no doubt! however, now she has to ask God to forgive her and those she did wrong too. we have an AWESOME God. God of forgiveness. Look in the Bible at David a man after God's own heart. Because when David did wrong - he went to God and TRULY repented. I Pray the same for Fantasia. God is more forgiving then people! Amen.


Where was god when she was naked wioth a married man>?


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