Fantasia Barrino Sort of Denies Antwaun Cook Sex Tape, Affair Allegations

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Is there really a Fantasia sex tape?

Earlier this week, Paula Cole filed for divorce from her husband and cited his affair with the former American Idol champion as the basis for their break-up. In court documents, she even claimed Fantasia and Antwaun Cook "recorded their illicit activity."

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In other words: they went all Kim and Ray J on each other!

Now, through her reps, Barrino is speaking out against the allegations - and sort of, kind of, partially denying them.

Would you tape yourself hitting this? Possibly, if you're Antwaun Cook.

Fantasia's manager, Brian Dickens, has released a statement that says his client is "certain that she is not responsible for the deterioration of the Cook's marriage." It also reads:

"Fantasia will weather this storm with the dignity and grace that she has exemplified throughout a life in which she has repeatedly overcome obstacles and challenges. Fantasia's faith in God, herself and family remain as strong as ever."

Speaking to TMZ, meanwhile, Fantasia's lawyer grew even harsher. Said Gena Morris: "Mrs. Cook gratuitously included claims about Fantasia to sensationalize that litigation and to insure that her tale would be picked up by tabloids."

THG is making no judgment, nor are we taking a side. But there's not actually a denial of relations between Barrino and Cook anywhere in here from Fantasia's team, is there?

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at the end of whatever everyone says, the whole situation was wrong. i found myself in the similar situation whereby the married man was separated from his wife but the key words here is "still married" "husband and wife". I never found out that the man i was with was married until we got intimately involved. when i found out i cried all night cause i felt betrayed but we still did a wrong thing. i just hope fantasia can get through this and elevate herself back to professionlism and keep reaching for the stars cause we all judge people as though we are sinless.


fantasia she maybe knew and she maybe


mike she not a man you just mad because uou want 2 be a woman


Lets focus on him. I man really what kinda marriage was it? How can you be married but yet still manage to be out in broad daylight with another woman? .We've all seen the pictures.Holding hands and all. And for her to get that tatoo he had to be pumping false information in her head, and as a woman i must say we've all been faced with it in some way. So why front?> Fantasia aint the first and she will not be the last,. is it effecting anyone in the public? No and on the wife case, it had to be going on for awhile, what type of woman. don't know when there husband is cheating? come on now world seriously. Get off her case


Really people can leave her the fuck alone this isn't the first time someone has cheated with a married man and I'm sure it won't be the last! So damn! What's the problem? If you were taking care of home this wouldn't be an issue today! What one woman won't do another one will!!!!!!!!!!!!


People can be so mean and evil! Ok, for one the girl is not ugly and for someone to call her a hoodrat is probably one themself! This was all probably just a scheme to get money! The wife and husband could have set her up! HmMMMMMMMM......


Fanstasia looks like a man. That shadow under her neck must be to hid an adams apple.


For each its on...... My opinion is that if she didnt kno he was married then why blame her. Niggas lie all the time just to get the pussy but now-a-days u have to do research on these niggas. She got money so u kno his wife want in...... shes a star and she want her to look bad just like they made her look.


Do bad things and it will bite you in the a**. He was wrong to cheat. She was horribly wrong to sleep with a man that she knew was married. He was married, unhappy in his marriage means he is STILL married. Seperated from his wife, means she is his WIFE and he is still MARRIED. Making a sex tape, with a man who is married to someone else, disgusting. Taunting his wife, key word here is WIFE, that he doesn't want her and he wants you, that was just plain evil. Fantasia was just dead wrong. She should have waited till the divorce (if he was really going to do it not because he got caught). DIVORCE means no longer married! Both she and he deserve what ever they get. Life is a bit*h especially if you behave like one.


Nad that randy dude is a bitch if i mite say. who would pick on sum one at there lowest moment like that....a

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