Antwaun Cook: Home Wrecked, Heart Stolen by Fantasia Barrino?

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Take comfort, Taylor Hicks. You are no longer the least succesful American Idol champion of all-time.

Following her third season victory on the country's top-rated program, Fantasia Barrino has seen her life spiral downward. She starred in The Color Purple on Broadway, but recently faced foreclosure on her home, along with general financial problems.

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Now, reports indicate that Fantasia's personal life has grown even messier.

According to Star, Barrino is living with Antwaun Cook, a married father of two that left his wife to be with her. She met the former college football player in August and sources say he abandoned his young sons to move into Fantasio's Charlotte mansion.

“I’m not going to deny that the word ‘homewrecker’ is floating around,” said a friend of the singer's.

Reportedly, Fantasia has even tattooed Antwaun name on her shoulder, always a good idea in any relationship. Those decisions never come back to haunt those that make them.

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hii fantasia i am a big fan i really love your songs. i love u so much OMG !!!! I LOVE U


god loves u


Everyone makes mistakes in life, and she is no different, most of the people thats saying these bad things, they are no different from her, they just have not been caught, she Don't owe his wife nothing, she needs to ask God to forgive her, and not man, she is still a beatiful person in GOD'S eye sight, she has a lot of people that are envyous of her, and would like to she her do bad, but I want to tell Fantasia to keep her head up, and don't listen to these fools out here, the wife needs to be taking her husband to court, he is the RAT.


Homewrecking is so not cool!! I knew there was some reason I didn't like her when I saw her on American Idol, and now I know why... she's THAT TYPE OF WOMAN that destroys that which has been blessed by GOD!


You keep doing your thing and let haters hate. This hating is a way of life for some people, believe one thing and that is only GOD knows your heart. U GO GIRL:)


Love you fantasia always your number one fan, mistake does happen hold your head up sweet girl and move on, dnt worry about these buzy bodies talkin fack, no one is perfect. people need to realize that man was married he shudda never cheated on his wife he took a vow why yourl getting on Fantasia, why not get on him he is the one who's married and out there fornicatin get on him not her. keep singing sweetie love you,please leave her alone.


god bless talented singer Tasia, we live in a world full of sin, you hypocrites spreading hate must go sort your own lives.. Tasia is no homewreaker..


leave her alone im n school and just happened to view this everybody makes mistakes and yall talking all holy doesnt the bible say do not judge you all do not no wat she has and is going thru step in her shoes u dnt no wether she new or not men will say anything he was the one that was wrong because he KNEW he was married and still went thru wit itthis all coming frm a 17 year ol boy sweep around yall own back door cause remember nobodies perfect


Another day means another chance. Judgemental comments are not necessary at this point. We all mistakes, but it is how we learn from the mistakes and recover that is most important. I am glad Fantasia is doing well and promoting her new album.


I dont care what he told you,you knew in your heart he was married.I dont feel sorry for you at all,repent and pray for LORDS forgiveness;and that dont mean keep seeing him even if his wife dont devoice him.Your relationship with him will never be blessed.Take that voice GOD gifted you with too sing Priase too him.You could have died.And GOD dont mean sing gospel one week then R@B the next.Work for the kingdom of the LORD not MR.COOK