Angelina Jolie: Bound For the Mental Hospital!

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We've witnessed her "steal" a woman's husband.

We've heard about her scandalous old drug photos.

We've reported on her being blackballed by her family.

We've seen stories about her being a vindictive, jealous control freak who makes children cry and stages bogus happy family photo ops for positive PR.

At this point, what gossip hasn't been written about Angelia Jolie? That she's been committed to a mental institution? Nope, you can now add that to the list:

Mental Hospital Style

SHE'S INSANE!!! Probably not really ... but look at that photo!

According to the National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie’s notoriously crazy outbursts have flared up in spades in light of a new tell-all book about her dark, sordid past.

The tabloid, with already alleged a suicide attempt by Jolie late last year, says she's headed off to the loony bin after a meltdown that has left Brad Pitt in tears.

Somehow we suspect if Angelina were institutionalized, we'd have heard about it, or the National Enquirer wouldn't be the source of such a bombshell story.

Then again, we thought the same about John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter, and Tiger Woods' dalliances with Rachel Uchitel, so you never really know ...


Holy Sh*t @ Shannon. Lil obsessed? Maybe time to get ur own life. LMAO


I am absolutely disgusted at the manner in which most of you have criticised Jen. Do any of you know or have lived with her? I really don't think so and doubt you ever will, so please stop with the viciousness. I would have thought that with most of you being able to write that you are definitely not children and would realise by now that the persona that Jen shows to the public is, I would think, not really who she is. I believe that like millions of people out there that she is somewhat shy and likes her privacy as most of us do. Imagine people speaking about you or your families so harshly and you wonder why because they have never been into your homes and don't know you either. I would really hate it and feel very hurt and personally would not want to be responsible for hurting anyone so terribly.


@ Shannon. You are obviously an Angelina fan and that is great but you should'nt beat Jen up (or any other celebrity for that matter) because they are not to be seen doing what Angie does. Some people donate really big money to projects or charities but do not want their identities known or give of their time to various charitable events. Take Sean Penn for example. What he is doing in Haiti is absolutely amazing yet nobody writes about it because to them Haiti is old news and they have lost interest (I think) because it is not current news. What I am trying to say is that if you do not see someone physically doing something, do not presume they are not. Remember, no two people are the same in what they do or what they don't do but I firmly believe that everyone does something whether in the spotlight or secretly. I hope that you will take my comments to heart and not be so quick to judge.


I saw a three pictures of sureshot and she is fu*(ing sexy! Those hating on her picture are either completly stupid or you guys are insane or a crackhead as you called her. She is drop dead gor.! I am a professional and her picture was NOT photoshoped she is ALL natural and all i can say is yummy......


Maybe angelina should have backed off Brad and let him try to work out his marriage instead of fu&*&*in that nasty thing. Oh, I am a friend of sureshot by the way if its who I think it is from my hometown she is "sexy". She speaks her mind and does not care what anyone thinks of it - If that is who this is. I look foward to your comments MISS PATTY! I hope your not threating a freind. We all have right to "free speach" it must of got under aj all know she reads this regardless what she says. Also, the sureshot I know donates money, time as well she may not be rich but she does what she can she just does not like liers. sureshot has lots of support from her roots.....oh and did I mention she is SEXY????? To bad I cant have her but just in case this is not her I have a code word so if its you no weakness. respond back so I know. Toby


i think that everyone needs to keep their fucking nose out of angelina jolie and brad bues because all it does is add more pain to angie and her children so ya all need to back the fuck off angelina


SURESHOT SURE GOT ANGELINA TO A T. She's the lowest of low and it sure felt good to have someone speak the truth about her. I'll be looking for your comments in the future. Patty


This just in, Angelina Jolie will be starring as international famous blonde sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, and George Clooney will play Frank Sinatra.


Football anyone? lol


I looked for a modeling profile I only found a few pics and they were HOT! I dont claim she ever stated she was a model from the message board? It is apparent somebody this woman knows is out to tramaitize her. Sureshot dont let it bother you it is just a message board but your doing right thing by keeping the hate to yourself. Lord knows there are plenty others that should do the same. It is also apparent you dont try to look like her you would be silly if you did. Your pretty the way you are.


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