Angelina Jolie: Blackballed By Her Own Family!

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On her promotional tour for Salt, Angelina Jolie has not been shy regarding her happy family life and how she makes a point of spending time with the kids.

She even says she makes them bacon and eggs "every morning." But is this just a front for a conniving woman who's been ostracized by her own brood?

Stabbed in the Back For the 193rd Time

We doubt it, but why let truth stand in the way, right In Touch?

First it was the drug photos. Then Jennifer Aniston stealing Brad Pitt back. Now, the gossip magazine alleges, it's "secret flings" driving Brangelina apart.

Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in one with her. Amazing how often she supposedly gets around for a woman whose every move is chronicled.

Angelina's children, this rag claims, like the nanny more than her!

Recently, at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland - where their dad is currently filming Moneyball - the kids seemed more interested in the nanny's company.

“At one point, Maddox and Pax got into a brotherly spat over the ketchup,” a witness says. “The nanny firmly said, ‘Mad, let Paxie have some ketchup.’"

"Maddox said, ‘Mom, do I have to?’ and Pax was whining, ‘Mom, make him give me some.’” That's right, the boys repeatedly called their nanny “mom.”

Shocking, scandalous stuff ... and proof that Angelina is being blackballed by her own family due to her conduct and status as an awful human being.

“Angelina is gone so much working or in meetings that the kids do spend most of their time during the day with the nannies,” a so-called friend claims.

“Publicly, [Jolie] would not like the help to be seen, but kids are so attached to them, they are like family - whether Angelina wants to believe it or not.”


To all the stupid people who love angelina jolie........ I hope someone steals your spouse.


It's so sad to have to make up stories like this in order to sell a magazine,who needs this trash,do we get better from it ... I say get off them already,Angelina is probably not perfect .. but who is?, I have the biggest respect for her humanitarian efforts,she's an example to most of us great lady if you ask me!She will alway's have my support and respect!!


What more can be said about this husband stealing tramp than has allready been said. She disgusts me and I haven't seen a movie she has been in since before mr and mrs. I mean I had allready thought she was a disgusting excuse for a human but then she crossed the line. What kind of nasty person kisses their brother on the red carpet in front of God and everyone much less in private and she wears a vial of blood around her neck from BBT I mean really she is a nasty,skanky,trashy,disgusting woman and any guy who gets off on her just picture your girlfriend or wife kissing her own brother than turning to kiss you would you still be in the mood ugh!!!!!


Angelina is gross! I would never pay money to see a film with her in it! Stop saying she is raising 6 kids she is paying for their upkeep and that is all!


"so called friend" ??? really? they should be ashamed to print thus rubbish ... whatever she did in the past has othing to do with her future.. you sell those stories intouch... karma is a b**ch... hope the money you make can protect you from whats coming to you ... i love angie... nothing you say will make me hate her...


Another joke again, nanny or no nanny none of our business. Who cares, right? but she is Angelina Jolie that sell the tabs, lies or no lies. I rather agree with kids to treat their nanny like a mother, as respect for caring of them when parent are working. Some wealthy kids treat their nanny as a maid, a nobody. Angelina had no control of mens that attracted to her beauty. But as she said, before and again few of them are true,before Brad came to her life. Even in her own home,they invade their privacy. They have the right to sue and pin the perpetrator. Beside we are not the one taking care of their kids. This is not a news, this is called gossip.


angelina has never had a man of her own, the world knows she's a husband stealer, but who cares! Hey why are you talking about this crappy woman on Jen's page? this isn't AJ's page,, damn she want's this too! see what I'm talking about!! get off this site and talk about AJ on her page ! GET OFF!!!


The more people talk shit about her the more i love her


More crap?


how about all the millions of people who drop off there children at day care at 6am and pick them up at 6pm we dont seem to get upset with those people i guess its because we dont make millions of dollars at our job give me a break they are well taken care of and have a lot to put up with just the cameras in their faces every place they go and they dont wear masks they are tring to raise them if i was the jolie pitts i would loose my patience with all the crap that is written and said about them and their children i know its the price of fame but give it up. let their children go someplace and be left alone!!!!!!!


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