Tammy Lynn Michaels Fires Back at Melissa Etheridge Following Official Split

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It's not a happy Fourth of July for Tammy Lynn Michaels.

The day after singer Melissa Etheridge filed papers to official end their partnership, Michaels took to her blog and said she was "blindsided" by the decision. She wrote:

gentle waves / no noise for awhile / or maybe gentle voices and / SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!! / FILE FOR DIVORCE!!!!!! / even though we both promised / agreed / handshook / pinkyswore / no filing until after the tour / in the fall.

Her broken promises / told to me by/headlines / i'm raising the kids / doing what i can / second set of yours.

Etheridge cited "irreconcileable differences" as the reason for their break-up. She asked that the court not to award Michaels, who gave birth to the couple's kids in 2006, any financial support.

Michaels may needs to hit up Elin Woods for a loan.


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I posted this on my website yesterday and i hope Tammy gets over half of everything. Melissa has a 10 year pattern where she gets married has 2 kids and then dumps the wife. SO i hope Tammy gets everything. Melissa should get cancer again and die an ugly painful death. Please and Thax

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