Kim Kardashian's Revenge: Her Hottest Body Ever... Again!!!

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Kim Kardashian is taking revenge on Reggie Bush... again!

In a sign that tabloids are officially out of topics on which to report, Life & Style has run the SAME EXACT COVER STORY this week as it ran in mid-April.

Once more, the magazine is touting Kim's bikini body, as if it's something to aspire to and not something she accomplished by downing a dangerous diet supplement and then sitting on the toilet for days on end.

We'd tell the publication to cover some other facet of Kardashian's life, but let's face it: Is there anything remotely interesting about this large-breasted celebrity except for how she looks in a bathing suit?

The Revenge Body

The clear answers appear to be a big, fat NO. After all, just look at the fascinating cover stories various magazines have run on Kardashian over the past few months (click to enlarge). Does anyone else sense a (pointless) theme here?

QuickTrim Bodies
Diet Experts
Boob Jobs!
Bikini Body Slim-Down!
Bikini Diets That So Work

All u haters need to shut the hell up! who cares she is hott and very sexy!! and i would do almost anything just to meet her. All of u just jealous


Well if I were Kim I'd rather tabloids just talk about how hot I look in a bikini as opposed to Lindsay Lohan or Britney that are either crazy or in jail for coke possession.


hiiiii!!! my name is kathlyn i love kim shes is soooo beatiful/sexy i just wanted to say hii, i loves u


Lol Monkey til her face melts off hahaha - thats funny :)


I agree!! This talent less fame whore will be nothing in a few years. Her looks will only get her so far-her 15 min. of fame were up long time ago!! She will really have to do something with her life and leaking her own sex tape just won't do...You better hurry up Kim and trap that rich famous black athlete that we all know you love and you will be all set until your face melts off and he leaves you for a hot 20 something!


you are so hot kim i love you, i would like you to vist me so day. LOVE JIMMY


Zena its the sad pathetic state of Hollywood that a total whore can become famous because she decided to leak her sex tape. We all know she did it on purpose and these silly tabloids keep printing stories on her instead of ignoring her


I'm so tired of seeing her face on everything, when she hasn't done anything in her life to get noteriety, but screw Ray-J on tape. So, what the hell gives her celebrity status? Are you saying that Danielle Staub is now going to be on the cover of every stinking tabloid because she screwed someone on tape? Please...


We all know the Kartrashians are not talented. I feel sorry for Kim her looks are already beginning to fade hence the plastic surgery so in a couple of years she will be totally irrelevant as she has no ounce of talent to her name. She will have to leak another sex tape soon if she wants to remain popular!

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