Report: Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan is moving in to a "sober living house," according to TMZ. How that differs from rehab, we don't know. But it's clearly a preemptive strike.

Spotted entering the facility in West Hollywood, Lohan has already been visited by mother Dina, sister Ali and former lover Samanatha Ronson there.

What convinced her to go?

We're guessing new attorney Robert Shapiro, who was hired by Lindsay to either reduce or eliminate her jail sentence, had everything to do with it.

By pushing rehab immediately and having her check in voluntarily, Shapiro is likely hoping Judge Marsha Revel will show her leniency on Tuesday.

Lohan Crying

NOOOOOOO! Finally forced to face the consequences of her actions, Lindsay Lohan broke down in tears in court. But could this be a blessing in disguise for the star?

That's when Lindsay is due to surrender and begin her 90-day jail term - part of which is to involve a stay in rehab - for violating her probation terms.

Since she's being proactive in getting help, will Revel allow Lohan to stay in the sober house or send her straight to another facility rather than jail?

That's what her camp is surely hoping for. But we'll see, seeing as judge has seemed bent on making an example out of the recalcitrant star so far.

On the flip side, maybe imposing the stiff sentence was needed to get Lindsay's act in gear and convince her she needs help - which was the point.

We'll see next week. What do you think: Lindsay belongs in ...


I'm going to agree with Sassy1 on this one. Lindsey seemingly has gone out of her way to see just how much she can get away with. Her mother apparently let her do whatever she wanted growing up and now this girl cannot function in the real world. Good going there mom, you raised a real monster. Couple that with addiction, which can be genetic, and you have a....a......oh yeah, you have a Lindsey. At this stage of the game I don't care what happens to her. Go spend money on someone who really wants help.......leave this one by the side of road. She doesn't seem to want help, let alone someone who cares. Let her crash and burn, I'm tired of reading about her.


Girls like Lindsay just make it HARD for the real life people who really get what they DON'T deserve with long jail terms. She and the court system is a joke. She will never take any of this seriously and why should she? She's laughing!! 90 days in jail is
unbelievable!! In the real world that doesn't even exist! Why does this little tramp deserve better then the rest of the world?
And why does her irresponsible mother dare show her face and dare
defend bad parenting. It's an example of today's youth. Look at the many ways she's blatantly thumbed her nose at all of us!


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