Jailed! Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90 Days For Probation Violation; Star Breaks Down in Tears

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Lindsay Lohan's day of reckoning has arrived, and an orange jumpsuit will soon follow - she'll be doing 90 days in jail for violating probation, followed by rehab.

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    I hit on cops...are you going to send me to jail too...its not skipping probabtion but its pretty near close .....Langenburg Cops are Hot


    Let Lindsay Out Of Jail!! For Goodness sakes...this is craazy...ppl have done way worse and not gone to the slammer...she's so talented...please let her out...and instead of jail force her to film a new movie


    For some strange reason this young lady thought she was above the law, like so many celebs, and her list of don'ts goes on and on and on. So now she pays the piper, do we feel sorry for her? Not this old woman, she apparently needs a strong person to tell her "no, no Lindsey, you're not to do that" and then follow through for crying out loud. She's pushed and pushed, just like a spoiled brat. And it got her where..........that's what I thought. Hope she gets it together, somehow, sometime, and somewhere. Too bad so sad. Maybe.


    I don't feel sorry for Lohan. Really she deserves jail. ENJOY JAIL BITCH!!


    This could save her life. Spoiled little B**CH!


    Who is this lawyer? Where did Lindsay find her?? She's weeping at the sentence? She literally was coward not to put a muzzle on her client and to demand from Lindsay the dictates of the court or she'd walk! I mean she acted like a fan.


    Marsha Revel and Danette Meyers deserve no praise. Their first priority is not protecting the public welfare, but rather looking good and protecting their personal fiat sphere at the expense of dealing with negative citizen behaviors.


    Lohan needs to pay a large fine and remain on probation. Should she violate terms of probation, she should pay a much larger fine. This can be repeated until, she either complies or runs out of money. Only then do we you spend limited resources locking her up. This would be obvious if courts were themselves compliant with the law and forced to be fiscally disciplined as the public welfare demands they be.


    i feel bad but this IS REALITY they ALWAYS set aside THE LAW for CELEBIRTITES hopefully this will teach her a lesson because she didnt take it seriously. I dont wanna see her fall but theres gonna b a point when she falls and cant get back up.


    Poor Lindsay.

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