New Jersey Governor Not a Fan of Jersey Shore

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The Garden State has a message for Jersey Shore: Stay out!

Jersey Shore quotes are hilarious, yes. But are they even organically grown? Are we watching bona fide Jersey-ites or just a bunch of d-bag posers run amok?

The second season premieres Thursday in Miami before returning to the glorious paradise of Seaside Heights ... whose residents might prefer they not.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could not accurately be counted among fans of The Situation, Snooki, J-Woww & Co. He said as much on ABC's This Week.

Mauling Pauly D

NOT FROM JERSEY: He's not, and the governor wants people to realize that what we see on Jersey Shore is not reflective of his state. [Photo:]

His take on it is that the series "takes a bunch of New Yorkers, drops them at the Jersey Shore and tries to make America feel like this is New Jersey."

He's kind of right. Pauly D hails from Rhode Island, Snooki from downstate New York, Ronnie the Bronx, The Situation and Vinny from Staten Island.

The Governor isn't the only one upset with the show either.

Last December, the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus says the show is "wildly offensive" and promotes derogatory ethnic stereotypes.

Again, not incorrect. But do we care? Is it all in good fun?

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I think New Jersey's governor hasn't even watched the whole 1st season of Jersey Shore and if he feels that the Mtv's series is not his type then I guess he shoudln't be watching it if that's his opinion. Seaside heights is such a beautiful site.


Funny thing, if the show was stereotyping blacks or hispanics, the producers would be sued and the media howling in outrage. Stereotype Italians and it's HILARIOUS!!!!! Mucho hypocrisy?


This is true.
Jersey Gov. was probably one to try and keep certain things on the DL. "Ok, I'm totally fine with acknowledging this fine state's history in pollution, the mob, the paranormal sitings of the Jersey Devil, but let's keep these guidos out of the public eye." Thanks to MTV, the sub-culture just shot shot out all over everyone's face.


Who is the governor kidding? I've been to Jersey Shore and while the show is an exaggerated version, what you see on "The Jersey Shore" IS Jersey Shore! Guidos & Guidettes are the majority and GTL should be the shore's official slogan!