Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Recap: Hurricane Scott Warning!

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With Khloe Kardashian still MIA from the show that carries her name, the focus this week turned to good ol' Scott Disick.

Read on to see what the THG intern stuck reviewing Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami thought of last night's installment...

Kim Waving

Is Khloe off the show now?  Not that it matters much, since Scott is the spotlight of this scripted reality show.  Cue the ominous music, Hurricane Scott is about to hit South Florida!

In the filler episode, “Kourtney’s Denial,” Mr. Disick is constantly MIA, just like the name of his club.  Kourtney says she doesn’t care, Scott doesn’t need a babysitter, etc etc.  Then the evidence continues to mount against him.

Kim is working at the Dash.  The Dash actresses are talking about running into Scott out at night.  Kim conveniently overhears.  She reports back to Kourtney.  Kim wants Kourtney to open her heavily made up eyes and realize she’s living the life of a single mother. 

Ummm, don’t they have nannies?

Kim is also missing some expensive wine and assumes it’s Scott. Scott says he didn’t take it and Kourtney later finds the empty bottles on the roof.  How strategically placed!  Well done, E! 

After an adorable Kardashian/Jenner montage of family member bashing Scott, Kourt realizes perhaps he is just a tad out of control.

Every time Scott’s friends come in from New York this is what happens:  He goes out, gets wasted, Kourtney gets mad, they fight, they make-up.  Only this time it looks like things will be taken too far next week with violence, tears and a hospital stay. 

Stay tuned for the douche-pocalyse.


wasnt she getting wasted and kissing girls in a hot tub like a week ago? or how about when she got so wasted that she was too hung over to hang out at the zoo w/ her kid....or when scott had to miss a business meeting bc Kourt was busy working out like 10 times a day till she ultimately "collasped"....its bs....one week he rocks, the next hes the devil incarnate, dont worry its about to be someone else's turn in this wonderful "real-life" drama....


kourtney just get away from him. he is using you for fame and money. you are in denial gurl and you u need help also to get you away from him. yea you never grew up with out a dad but don't put your son in danger and kill yourself over having a babi daddi. you are to beautiful for him and need to find a man that gonna respect you and your choices. for handsome mason hes a cutie and needs know monster dad. so please cut scott out of your life. i watch your show every sunday.


The whole family is fat and ugly.


i really, really hope that she'll be free from that jerk.
she and her son deserve way better than him. scott's nearing
rock bottom with his out-of-control behavior. you should really
listen to your family, kourtney because they love you and they
see him for what he truly is: a monster.


No matter how eccentric or whatever one might find Kourty Kourt's family, she at least knows the definition of family. I think it'll manifest well while she's a mom. Most guys change for the better when they hold their kid for the first time. Scott DickSick didn't seem to. If he's showing any change at all, it appears to vanish quickly and only does it to avoid a fight. If he change after having a son, I just don't think he ever will. I don't know--I don't know these people, but it's just an outsider's observation. One thing's for sure, he's a f&cktard.


After watching your show I am trulu concerned for you and Mason being around a drunk all the time. You are too beautiful to waste your life on him. He is using you to benefit himself. I know the truth hurts but I totally agre with your family. Love is blind, but blood is thicker than water. Men come and go, family doesn't. I wish you and Mason only the best!

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