Justin Bieber vs. David Archuleta: Who Would You Rather... Date?

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One is 16, the other is 19.

One is shaggy-haired, the other closely-cropped.

One raps and sings pop songs, the other prefers ballads.

But there's one thing Justin Bieber and David Archuleta have in common: an adoring fan base of teenage girls.

Both these artists have been in the news this week - Bieber for breaking a YouTube record previously held by Lady Gaga; Archuleta for announcing the release date for his new album - and it got us thinking: Could you choose between these young stud muffins?

Justin Bieber at the TCAs
Aspiring Actor, Singer

Between Justin and David, who would you rather... date?

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I Love Justin a lot but when it come to Justin vs David I choose David because David's Singing its out of this world. David has true singing skills. Justin OS just and Preety boy with not a lot of singing skills but he can entertain you. However David's voice can lift you up when you feeling down and it can be entertainment with a gorgeous voice plus his smile is really cute (yes I'm a guy so its awkward) but I think its cute lol.


between these choice absolutely I choose David Archuleta!! David is almost cutest guy I've ever seen and his voice is so tender. It's like I hear the angel sing a song when I hear his voice...


David Archuleta!!
Always dream bout him every night


dont ask me,because i will choose DAVID ARCHULETA automaticly!! go daviiddd!!


David Archuleta......................!!!!!


Absolutely DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAVID JAMES ARCHULETA is totally worth to be loved!!!


Hey , Guys I'm a fan Of Justin But Also I'm a Huge Archangel
David Has The BEsT Talent Ever , Adorable personality , The Most Cuttiest Face In The Wolrd , The Most Killer SMile In The Whole Universty
So Go David , Go , Go
WIth u Till The End


David Archuleta is the best


David ARchuleta !!!!

David Archuleta Biography

Giving Thumbs Up
David Archuleta finished second on the seventh season of American Idol. The adorable, talented singer suffered from vocal chord paralysis... More »
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David Archuleta

David Archuleta Quotes

He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

David Archuleta [on David Cook]

He's given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I want in music, and I've felt really blessed to have someone like that.

David Archuleta [on his controversial father]