Elin Nordegren Woods: The Cost of Silence

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They say silence is golden. In this case, think Fort Knox golden.

We reported yesterday evening that the Tiger Woods divorce is final, or nearly final, and that his estranged wife Elin could receive a $750 million settlement.

Elin Nordegren Smiles

Today, additional sources say that while nothing has been officially filed, lawyers for both sides are close to reaching an agreement for "about $700 million."

That mammoth sum, which entails Elin Woods keep all details of Tiger's life and cheating scandal confidential, has grown as negotiations have progressed.

Elin has balked at the confidentiality clause, and thus driven up the price, not because she has a strong desire to tell all, but because it's a bargaining chip.

Smart woman.

HARD BARGAIN: Elin Woods sure is driving one.

While Tiges really does not want his wife to give any interviews or write a book about their life together, child custody has also been a contentious issue.

"Elin does not want Tiger to have female friends around when he has the children," a source tells People magazine. "She will not give in to anything less."

As far as who gets the kids when, Tiger has asked for one weekend a month, but with frequent golf travel, some flexibility may be required from both.

Instead of taking one weekend a month, he could have Sam and Charlie for a long stretch, then not again for a few months, dependent on his schedule.

For her part, Elin is tired of the media scrutiny and wants to relocate to Sweden, where she hails from and eventually wants the children to be educated.

She has an estate in the Stockholm archipelago complete with a beach, dock, sauna and four separate houses, near family and longtime school friends.

If Tiger agrees to that, she will also likely keep a second home in Jupiter, Fla., convenient to Woods's nearly completed $80 million Jupiter Island estate.


As for the picture identifier above, "her attempt to communicate" laugh my farken ass off. SHe looks unhappy and so does he. Oh yeah, she is trained to be in front of the cameras and to be photogenic and smile and wave! lol!
He is a thinker, and introvert, he dont need to smile at her ass, he works hard all day to please others and himself why should he have to smile at someone he lives with, she is probably used to this. Dont make sense out of bullshit observations! Once again I scoff at you!


Amy I agree with you. He's a sociopath plain and simple.
He has no remorse and no sense of guilt. He has the guts to show his face in public after what he did. Only a cold heartless robot can do that.
That's why he played so cool under pressure. It's interesting to see he doesn't feel comfortable on the golf course right now. maybe because the world knows what a real POS he is !!


In 99% of the pictures of the (ex) couple, poor Elin is always trying to reach out and communicate with the sex fiend, and he never seems to pay much attention to her. He was always looking elsewhere and never at her. What a cold fish he is! In addition, she looked much healthier before she met the creep. Notice in the above picture how pale she is, and she is quite thin now. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he transmitted a disease to her that he got from his army of prostitutes and porn star girlfriends. He could be a carrier of a serious disease and not have any symptoms. What kind of woman would want him now that his life of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde has been made public. $100 million isn't all that much now days, especially since he exposed her to health problems. God forbid, she could die young because of his filthy life style and his stupidity.


CLB, do you applaud Elin for her anger. She could well of ended up in a worse situation had she caused permanent injury to Tiger when she chased him with a Golf Club. Tiger protected her from that scandal. I don't think Elin is any angel.


I advise all attempted murderers who get off scott free to remain silent about it.


I have been posting for weeks now that the settlement would be somewhere around 100 mil..This was based on the amount of money she was supposed to receive and the extra to keep her from writting a book or going on Ophah.. He paid about 25mil for that and that is a lot more than she would have gotten from a book deal. Plus she won't have to talk about her actions during the car wreck. She got paid well for being Mrs Woods.. Need any more info..just ask me..I have this stuff down pat..


Forbes finally debunked this huge amount..He is worth 600 mil and he made a huge portion of that before he met Elin.. Just wait..she will get about 80 to 100 million and be happy to get it..Plus she will have no say so on who he sees or dates.. Now all the sirens who felt Elin deserved more than that will just have to suck it up and remember who actually made the money..



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