Vienna Girardi: Cheating on Jake Pavelka with Gregory Michael?

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Their breakup came out of nowhere and absolutely shocked the celebrity gossip world this morning, leaving fans reeling from the loss of a storybook romance.

Okay, not really. There was no way in hell Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi would last. Still, what contributed to the abrupt dissolution of The Bachelor couple?

Publicly, they're not saying, but sources involved in the production of the reality say that Jake was the one who pulled the plug - because of her cheating.

At least that's what he believes. Rumors that Vienna was "stepping out" with Gregory Michael of the ABC Family show Greek were apparently the last straw.

The story had been out that the two were flirtatious at a recent event, and apparently Jake took it to heart, severing his engagement to the airhead Floridian.

Pissed Pavelka

SHOULD'VE PICKED TENLEY: Are Vienna Girardi and Gregory Michael hitting it, and is that the reason Jake Pavelka dumped her? It's all Greek to us - but that's the rumor.

Sources say they don't know if Vienna Girardi was in fact doing the nasty with Greg Michael, but Jake was convinced, and broke things off in the last 24-48 hours.

We don't want to throw Vienna under the bus without hard evidence ... but come on. It's not like this is the first secret boyfriend of hers we've reported on, people.

Nor is it a stretch to think that she cheated on Jake, given that she allegedly cleaned out her Marine ex-husband's bank account to pay for fake boobs. Just saying.

Another theory: ABC had them fake the proposal and keep up their sham engagement until Jake's stint on Dancing with the Stars wrapped. We could see that too.

The couple's rep did not offer any explanation for the breakup and claims that the reality TV stars want "privacy" as they deal with the "heartbreak" at this time.

Jake, wanting privacy. Ha. Who's next, Speidi?


i know jake likes ali, nd she does like jake, so give this a shok nd call ali, and break up with vienna because she's a cheater, you can tell by her body language and when you look back, you still see her fucken reflecion...


i wonder y jake pick vienna,she's full of shit, everbody knows her true colour she just a FAKE
all vienna want from jake is money nd everything she want nd that it...
i really want ali to back to the show FOR JAKE. THEY ARE REALLY SUIT....


i think that who ever he chose, he would have never married. he is a camera hog looking for a bit of fame. he is a pig.


Never could see why Jake picked Vienna anyway. They both just want to have fame and be on TV. I liked him at first, now can't stand him and anyone could see she was such a fake herself. Guess thats why she got picked for the show.


@Marsha I had September in the pool


Boo hoo!! I almost won my bet. Thought they would stick it out through the summer. Jake is such a fake. Showed his true colors by doing DWTS. Now he is ruining another one of my fav shows. Go away Jake and Vienna. I think the whole relationship was a scam to get more press.


Jake is a camera hog and a fake. In his first season on the Bachelorette I really like him and thought he was great but he showed his true colors and how fake he was on his season. Then all his theatrics and Drama on DWTS was just too much to take. As for Vienna, everyone could see what a lying, cheating bimbo she was from the very first show. Privacy...........they gave up all rights to privacy when they agreed to do the shows.


Shoulda chose Tenley...

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