Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi: It's Over!

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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, who received his final rose just months ago, have broken up. This is shocking, as they seemed perfect together.

NOTE: The second sentence above is not true at all.

Many viewers of The Bachelor groaned when Jake picked Vienna on the season finale, given the rumors about Vienna's past and her personality ... in general.

Looks like the 84 percent of you who said he should've picked Tenley Molzahn and the 80 percent of you who said he and Vienna wouldn't last are vindicated!

Rumors about Vienna Girardi - partying, drugs, secret boyfriends, marriages, betrayal, topless modeling and plastic surgery - surfaced throughout the season.

She was bad news and we all knew it. Just not Jake.

Jake Proposes

A FAIRY TALE MOMENT: And a very short engagement.

Now 2-for-19 in producing marriages (Ali Fedotowsky's rumored choice is discussed at length in The Bachelorette spoilers here), it's another blow for the franchise.

You knew it was coming this time, though.

Jake Pavelka did his best to defend her, and his decision to marry her, but just over three months later, something apparently went terribly wrong between them.

What specifically happened, we don't know.

“Jake and Vienna have split,” says Janice Lee, a rep for the commercial pilot and professional airhead. “They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.”

No reason was given. After Pavelka was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars in late April, he spoke spending time with Girardi to "focus on our relationship."

Guess it was only then that he took some time to pause, reflect, look back on the last few months and realize that he was engaged to freaking Vienna Girardi.

I'm totally on ...


Never liked them both anyway.


I only think they stayed together this long because of all the time he spent on Dancing with the Stars. I am glad that they realized it wasn't the fairy tail before they said I Do. As a fellow Texan I hope you find the real princess you deserve.


I'm so glad Jake FINALLY woke up. I didn't think it would last this long. I really like Jake, and hope he gets a good lady.


I am so glad that Jake finally came to his senses. If he were smart he would try his best to get Ali back. I think they made the perfect couple.


Jake! I knew you made a mistake!!! I'm so glad you realized it
before it was too late.......I'm your neighbor here in DFW!
You deserve better.




My theory is that Jake is an uptight prude who never had some busty bimbo with loose morals throw herself at him before. By the time he realized there was little substance there it was too late. Good thing he didn't marry her at least. Maybe Tenley is still interested?


I knew you would come around Jake. I may watch you on Drop Dead Diva now. Oh yeah the wicked witch is dead. Go back to Florida Vienna and star in your Bikini bash or try outs or whatever you call them. That's right up your alley. I hard you were looking for a job, maybe Hooters is hiring.


...............it was only a matter of time. They actually lasted longer than i thought they would.


Phew! That googly eyed 'princess' should have never won. Tenley was a 10, what a mistake!

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