THG Caption Contest: June 25

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. It's a fun challenge for readers: Come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below!

Our subject this week: The President of the United States, Barack Obama, giving what looks like a very important address. What could he be saying? You tell us!

Talking about the Gulf oil spill? Responding to Jon Voight's comments? Praising Kim Kardashian's booty? Give it your best shot by leaving a comment or two.

We'll announce the winner Monday ...

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Let me start by saying that I am noot responsible for the Horn of Africa falling off the African continent, but my fiscal stimulus plan will fix it.


A crystal ball about this size would be good


Pre oiled and bbq ready ,about this big. Right out of the ocean.


America is always clear and clean about its relation with neighbor countries. We expect same from our neighbors. isn't it fair enough?


mah dick is this long! now grab mah ears as hard as you can and pulllllllll!


"My fellow Americans, what more proof do you need? Look at the flag behind me; it went black and STILL hasn't gone back."


That is the size of the dick BP is fucking the gulf with.




I was raised by my Grandmother, who was a typical White Person, so you can trust me.


Come On......Who are you gonna believe? ME, or your lying eyes?