MTV Sneak Peeks: Eclipse, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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There was plenty for viewers to scream over at last night's MTV Movie Awards:

But there was more to the event than hot fashion and make-out sessions.

A pair of major movies were previewed, as the ceremony gave us sneak peek at both Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The latter will hit theaters in November and be broken up into a pair of films. Below, get your first look at action and confrontations (Harry vs. Ron?!?) from it:

From there, try to keep your hyperventillating to a minmum, as you check out a scene from Eclipse. In it, Bella hops aboard Jacob's bike, soon after being warned that she's "the one the red head wants."

Darn you, Victoria...

[video url="" title="Eclipse Sneak Peek"][/video]

Harry is way better than twilight!


WOW. Harry Potter is the one film ive been freaking out about. None of this Twilight rubbish that lacks logic and solid storylines. Harry Potter is AMAZINGGG


eclipse is hot , hot , hot can't wait


What's up with all of the kissing and cussing at these awards? Especially from A-Listers like Sandra bullock and beans for brains Cameron Diaz. This has all been done before and it's not shocking or even remotely funny. PS - I miss the old MTV.

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