Kim Kardashian Gets Wax Figure, Madame Tussauds Jumps Way Over Shark

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Earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian pretended to wax the pubic hair off Khloe Kardashian in one of the most ridiculously scripted moments in reality show history.

Now, sister Kim Kardashian in joining in on the fun - sort of.

The professional celebrity has become the latest star to get the wax figure treatment at Madame Tussauds museum in New York City. She joins such other recently-honored celebs as Robert Pattinson and The Jonas Brothers.

Who knew Madame Tussauds was so into sloppy seconds? Ray J waxed this ass years ago!

In recognition of this event - which proves Madame Tussauds is officially out of talented individuals to sculpt and portray in its halls - Kim wrote on her blog today:

I can finally reveal that I am getting my own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in NYC!!!!

This is one of the greatest honors ever and I am so thrilled and excited. Now I will never have to leave NYC… I’ve officially gone bi-coastal! LOL

As you can see above, the museum has only carved the face so far. It needs to bring in record amounts of wax before it can even get started on Kim's butt and the boobs.


UM nothing apparently-have a sex take, fake the whole leaking of the tape and make tones of money while boo hooing all the way to the bank, kinda like Kenda hey maybe she will have a wax figure too!


So what do you have to do these days to acquire your own wax figure?!


WHY THE F*** IS SHE GETTING A WAX FIGURE?!? WHAT HAS SHE DONE? NOTHING! I dont even know why shes famous. A sex tape? Im embarrassed to be from the U.s. This is what people are famous for? Why not people who focus on helping others in need or something actually important in life. This just disgusts me and not just the wax figure, the reason this is what the world is coming to. People who have no intellectual knowledge at all. So sad..


HAHA funny comment!! That's a MAN MAN!!


the funny thing is that the wax looks better than the real person...


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