Kate Gosselin Takes Out the Trash

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Kate Gosselin is taking out the trash in her life.


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    I'm Asian and there is no way i'll endorse her husband's behaviour.Absolutely support Kate Gosselin for keeping at it regardless of vile criticism.Anybody who has a heart and some common sense can clearly see she loves her kids,is loyal to them and is doing what she can to secure them financially.A trip to the salon or working away makes her greedy/uncaring? Has absolutely no one ever visited a salon or a beach? These kind of comments just makes one think...well there are jealous people in every part of world !I think the critics would rather see her on welfare than assertively earning her way to a better life for the family while others gape on salivating and crying sour grapes.


    regardless of whether i like kate or not, i always have a hard time picking on moms, because i know they have innocent children, and i don't want the kids to be upset about something bad they see about there mom in the media. so please be gentle on her. but i do think she needs to give up the reality shows, it makes her look bad


    I would NEVER compare what Kate is doing to any other working mother. She absolutely does not have to spend so much time away from home on book tours, Dancing with the Stars (and how DID she get dubbed a "star" anyway?), etc. Many mothers HAVE to work a full time job to support their families but they certainly don't exploit their children for their advancement. While watching Inside Edition last night, they showed a clip of one of the little kids saying they were happy their mommy got voted off the show because now she can spend time with them. Doesn't sound like a mother who's working for her family to me.


    Ugh this is stupid, who wants to watch the two shows, let alone even one of them? Boring! Next celeb!


    So Patricia, Kate and her fans are finally admitting that the kids are working when it comes to the show?! How come all 8 only get 15% when they are the only reason Kate has a show to begin with?! That 15% only given to them reluctantly by Kate when the state of PA got involved.


    NeNe, what century were you born in? Welcome to 2010. In the US, the majority of moms work and spend MOST OF THE ENTIRE DAY, EVERY DAY, away from the kids. They see them at breakfast (maybe), and for many of them, that's it for the day! Kate gets to work with hers while she's earning a living. Good for her.

    The reason she gets TV gigs is that people like you make her so controversial! Stop Googling her, and posting about her, and she will evaporate.


    I am so sick of this woman. I cannot stand her. She is not all that, so why on earth does this woman have two new reality shows coming out. No friggen clue! I will definitely not be watching these shows. She should be home taking care of her children. These are the most important years of children's lives, and she what is she doing, she's is prancing all around town doing reality shows. I understand the money can help raise her family, but her first priority should be raising her children herself.

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