Justin Bieber Crushes on Cheryl Cole

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Sorry, Kim Kardashian. You're no longer Justin Bieber's dream girlfriend.

The young singer has moved on to a true beauty, as he identified his new crush for a British radio station this week: Cheryl Cole.

"She's got herself a nice looking bod," Justin said. "I met her the other day and she's looking gorgeous."

Via Twitter, Bieber later added: "I heard Cheryl just became single... I mean aw cmon!! haha. Whatsup Cheryl? ;)"

This guy cracks us up.

Justin in England
Hey, Cheryl!

Bieber was also asked about his first kiss and replied:

"I can't remember her name. It was at a school dance. It was kind of bad because it was my first kiss. I made a bet with my friends - first person to get a kiss gets ten dollars. So I slowed danced with this girl and then just went in.

"Back then I was just a regular hockey-playing kid, so I was lucky she kissed me back!"

Now? Let's just say Justin doesn't have to worry about a girl ever kissing him back.


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Hi biebs i really love u and hater go hang ur self plz write bck love u


Haha whoever said they liked his songs but not his personality I am the exact opposite! I think he's hilarious and a good guy but his songs kinda annoy me lol :) Sorry Biebs


justin should go back to school & finish his high school


i relly don't like justin i likehis songs but i heat his persnality!!
sOorY JusTin!!


hi im sorry if i did something wrong


I was just askinig


I just wanted to ask that isn't cherly cole older than justin bieber


What the fuck

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