Joe Jackson Says Dr. Conrad Murray Was Drinking at Strip Club the Day Michael Jackson Died

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Michael Jackson's insane father is not holding back these days.

The latest, outrageous claim from Joe Jackson: That Dr. Conrad Murray was drinking at a local strip club before treating the pop icon on June 25 last year.

That, of course, was the day the world lost the music legend.

A legal document Joe's lawyer Brian Oxman sent to Dr. Murray - a prerequisite to the wrongful death lawsuit he plans on filing - seriously alleges this:

"On June 25, 2009, prior to treating Michael Jackson, defendant was at a 'strip club' called Sam's Hofbrau in Los Angeles where he had been 'drinking.'" 

"It was extremely reckless for him to 'drink' prior to administering anesthesia to Michael Jackson. He concealed his conduct from Michael Jackson."

Dr. Conrad Murray calls Joe's claims "utter nonsense."

Joe Jackson, who also blames Katherine Jackson and AEG, Michael's concert promoter, then outlines Murray's treatment, which he says led to Michael's death.

His declaration says Michael had "neurological, pulmonary, and anemia signs" for several weeks, and was "confused, frightened,obsessive, and disoriented."

Oxman goes on: "He had impaired memory, loss of appetite, and absence of energy. He was cold and shivering during the summer rehearsals for his show."

The lawyer claims these issues were due to Dr. Murray administering a "polypharmacy" of drugs (multiple medications, inc. Propofol) to Michael Jackson. 

"His conduct was inhuman. It was an extreme violation of standards," says Oxman, alleging that Murray repeatedly ignored the signs due to AEG pressure.

Dr. Murray's legal team, however, says "The allegations are absolute, utter nonsense," particularly the strip club bit, as they insist he does not drink ... at all.

A rep for Murray says Joe Jackson's lawyer is just wrong about him being at the club when Joe claims, nor was he at that establishment the night before. 

As the rep put it, "In the weeks before Michael died, Murray barely had time to take a shower." As for whether Conrad Murray has ever frequented the club?

The rep did not know one way or the other, but one of the waitresses at the club tells TMZ that Dr. Murray was at the club sometime in June of last year. 

A stripper who works there remembers the night before Michael died because she's a big fan: "It was dead that night. Dr. Murray definitely was not there."

The club's says at least twice in recent months, a private investigator came to the club and asked various employees a bunch of questions about Murray.

Is Joe looking for anything he can possibly use to nail Dr. Murray, who also faces involuntary manslaughter charges, or force him into a financial settlement?


Paschal.... The death of mikel is painful and i know dat anybody that has hand on mikels death well never go unpunish.


Joe Jackson is more right and on the money than he has ever been before.He's right .Think about it,if you worked at a store and you killed one of the customers,shouldn't you and your employer be found negligent and sued,of course, without a doubt.Conrad Murray was to be payed $140,000 a month by AEG to provide his services to Michael Jackson.Only problem is that AEG donates millions of dollars to the City of Los Angeles and unfortunately black stars dont get much justice in L.A. like Tupac,Notorious B.I.G and now Michael Jackson.AEG and the City of Los Angeles are in bed together and the trial should be moved elsewhere.




I haven't heard any mention of Michael having Thyroid problems. When I learned that before his death he seemed to be in good health, though he wore several layers of clothes (unable to regulate his body temperature), had tremors, depression and couldn't sleep.... all signs of thyroid trouble which is clinically a given disorder for someone who has an auto-immune disease of Vitiligo. If the past year of his life -health problems- are true, then it sounds like he went from hyperthyrodism to hypothyrodism. This may not be just an overdose of medication or drugs. If he needed to and didn't get treated for thyroidism, then heart problems may have already been happening with him... as untreated thyroidism can kill.


Why is it that no one is making Michael accountable. Did anyone hold him down and administer these drugs? He was a mess. Granted a musical genius, but still a big, huge, sad mess. And much of the blame for that lies with Joe himself.


p.s. i kinda by the drinking thing tho i trust joe before murray.


well i dont know if i can really trust joe cuz he always comes up with something new an why would he not tell the cops this last year? joe stop lieing. an help your son get his justice. if i had the money your family has i would move heaven an earth to get him his justice this isnt a game your his father do something for once


Come on, that's easy. He wants some money, fool.

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