Joe Jackson to Katherine Jackson: Michael's Death is All YOUR Fault!

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In the latest of his increasingly outrageous statements about the late Michael Jackson, the singer's father, Joe is again pointing fingers regarding his death.

Only this time, he's not just accusing Dr. Conrad Murray of murder - he's blaming the inaction of his wife, Katherine Jackson, for Michael Jackson's demise.

Michael J. Walks

It's as shocking a statement as it is terrible.

Joe tells the UK's News of the World personally that he noticed Michael was "looking kinda funny and and frail" and asked Katherine to check up on him.

She refused, Joe claims, because she didn't want to invade his privacy. They argued about this before Michael's June 25, 2009 death, but she was firm.

After Michael died, he said to Katherine, "I said this would have never happened if you had went and been with him." What a despicable human being.

For reasons unknown, Joe Jackson has turned on Katherine.

Intentionally cut out of MJ's will, Joe is fighting to get an allowance from the estate, even as Katherine has been giving her estranged spouse money.

We'll see if that continues thanks to the latest installment in his "rich history of reckless, untrue comments," as her lawyer, Adam Streisand, puts it.

"The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a very special relationship." 

Steisand continues with a brutal, but accurate dig at Joe: "The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget."

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the Estate of Michael Jackson, also came to the defense of the pop icon's mother and guardian of his three children.

"The inference by Joe Jackson that Mrs. Jackson was in any way responsible for Michael's death is preposterous," Weitzman said in a statement. 

"Katherine Jackson was a supportive and loving mother throughout Michael's life. His love and respect for her is reflected in his estate plan."

The irony here is that Joe's best chance to receive money from the estate, aside from absurd interviews like this one, is Katherine's generosity.

His efforts to receive an allowance from the will have been and will continue to be denied by his executors, as Michael blatantly did not want this.

Katherine, who received 40 percent of Michael's net worth and effectively controls the 40 percent the children receive, has been helping him out.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.


it is not Katherine's fault, if its anybody's fault, it should be joe's. Katherine loved michael, she loved all her children, its joe that has all his kids hating him, i mean, i've seen parents hard on children, but i have never seen anyone as mean as joe. if joe didnt spend his life beating michael, maybe he coulda checked up on michael his own self, but no, michael didnt want anything to do with him anymore, everyone could see how sick michael was, each minute he would look sicker, but did that stop him, no, he was being strong and didnt quit on his kids, he loved them so much, everyone that knew michael coulda checked up on him, makin sure he did the right thing with his medicine, but when he died, everyone was blaming dr.conrad murray for his death


we believe you joe-duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


we are all so tired of joe jackson..did he see the jackson movie?
go away joe


What an ass Joe is.. Always trying to get the headlines for himself..
poor michael No1 Fan


Has this man any ounce of decency for the mother
of his children? Don't bet on it!!!!!!


Aldrig att det är Kathrines fel att Michael avled. Det är Conrad Murray som har försett Michael med denna medicin. Vem vet, Michael kanske inte ville ha den. Michael hade så många runt omkring honom, varför hjälpte de inte honom emot att detta skedde? Michaels förädlrar lider av en stor sorg och saknad. I den stora kamp för sin sons rättigheter emot Myndigheter påverkar deras nervositet. Eftersom Myndigheter inte vill stå till försvars för vad de har gjort. Utan Myndigheterna vill skylla ifrån sig på andra. Då är de mannupullerande till att kringgå omvägar. Som kan påverka psykiskt i oro och osäkerhet till den kämpande och utsatta personen. Vi alla måste stötta och hjälpa Micahel Jacksons familj för att de ska kunna orka kämpa. De kan inte stå ensamma i detta virrevarv av Myrstack.


Oh my goodness, this man needs Jesus in his life asap, why in the world does Mr. Jackson constantly allows the devil to use him like this?? He seems to have a nack for attacking his family regardless of the cirrcumstances or his age.


It is her own fault to staying with that nut and letting him abuse her kids.


joe is just pissed off that michael left him out of his will.michael was very close to his mother & joe knows that she got the money & he didn't.....


you will never know who your enemy is. would have been your mother, you father, brother, sister, etc. no one knows till you find out. But i doubt MJ's mother would have done such thing. it would be impossible, but then again, we never know. For Mj's dad, i wish it was him who died instead. He never cares for MJ. he only cares about MONEY. so now, he's pointing his fingers to anyone. grr.

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